This Is Why Your Dog Approaches People Who Don't Like Pets

by Pam Carlota   |  Mar 8, 2017
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Dogs are our constant companion and the stress relief we need whenever we go home after a long day. But after spending time with your dog BFF, you'll notice some weird behavior that most dogs often do. Thankfully, has all the answers, giving us some great advice from veterinarians, pet behaviorists, and trainers. Here's the list of the weirdest dog behavior we frequently ask, answered by dog experts.

  1. When your dog kicks the grass after doing their business.

Dr. Patty Khuly, VMD, says that dogs do this for sanitary reasons. They just simply cover the mess they made, but is also a way to mark their territory. (via

"All dogs have glands in their feet that secrete pheromones, and a couple of backward scratches into the earth releases those chemicals"—Dr. Patty Khuly

  1. Why they go to people who don't like pets.

Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis, DVM, DACVB, says that friendly dogs who often socialize with humans tend to approach a variety of people. A person who doesn't like dogs will be more aware of the dog approaching them and will think that this is done on purpose. (via


"If the dog grows up only exposed to women, for example, it may be more comfortable with women than men, and so this can produce some selectiveness in the type of person the dog will head toward,"—Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis

  1. Walk in circles before lying down.

Dr. Karen Sueda, DVM, says that this could be an ancestral behavior that relates to staying safe and comfortable. (via

"The ritual is likely a residual habit from the days when wolflike dogs lived out in the wild"—Dr. Karen Sueda

  1. Why small dogs pick fights with dogs twice their size.

If you ever wonder why a Chihuahua would bare its teeth to a German Sheperd, Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, says that smaller breeds tend to find big dogs scarier so their best defense is to attack. (via

"They're afraid of being trampled or pushed around. And when they’re afraid, their instinct is to become aggressive."— Dr. Sophia Yin

  1. Shred paper.

If you want to know what causes the mess in your house, bahavior consultant Arden Moore, says that dogs just do it for fun, and they don't see any harm in doing it. Other dogs do this when they feel bored, anxious, or stressed. (

"Some dogs simply enjoy the sensation of tearing something with their mouths, much like they would tear at their prey if they were hunting in the wild."— Arden Moore

What other weird things have you noticed from your dogs? Share them with us in the comments!

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