The Twilight Lexicon

We've been hearing and seeing these words everywhere. Are you in the know?
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Dec 10, 2008
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We've come up with a list of Twilight terms coined by readers, fans, and teens who are in love with a dazzling sparkly vampire named Edward Cullen.

  1. fanggirl. noun. A self-confessed female addicted to Twilight (book, movie, or both). Variation: fangguy (for the male addict).
  2. fanpire. noun. A fan of Twilight (book, movie, or both).
  3. fangdemonium. noun.The chaos that ensues whenever Robert Pattinson is within a certain vicinity. fangdemonium at the mall when RPattz came for a meet-and-greet!>
  4. fangtasy. noun. A dream about being a vampire, or falling in love with one.
  5. OME. interjection. Uttered in disbelief or surprise. Oh My Edward. <OME! You haven't seen Twilight yet?!>
  6. OED. acronym. Short for Obsessive Edward Disorder. Variation: OCD. Short for Obsessive Cullen Disorder.
  7. twiguy. noun. A Twilight fan guy.
  8. twihard. noun. A die-hard Twilight fan.
  9. twimom. noun. A Twilight fan mom.
  10. vamptastic. adjective. Fantastic in a vampire sort of way. Variation: fangtastic.

Do you think we missed any important terms to remember? Comment below!

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