The Twilight Alphabet

  |  Dec 17, 2008
compiled by Macy Alcaraz, Candice Lim, Marla Miniano, and Melissa Santiago
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A is for Alaska. That's where the Cullens came from before settling into Forks.
B is for baseball. Whether in the book or in the movie, this was one scene we loved at the Candy HQ!
C is for Chevy, the brand of Bella Swan's big, red truck.
D is for dim. Vampires need to stay out of the sunlight, because they sparkle.
E is for Edward's lullaby. Edward sings Bella to sleep.
F is for Forks, that place in Washington, where it rains all the time.
G is for graduation. The Cullen kids have graduated so many times already.
H is for heart. Edward gave Bella a heart-shaped crystal to add to her bracelet.
I is for ice. Vampire skin is cold as ice.
J is for jacket. You should always have one when you're in Forks.
K is for kidnap. To lure Bella to the ballet studio, James pretended he kidnapped her mom.
L is for La Push. This is where Bella meets up with Jacob Black.
M is for meadow. This was a definitive moment in Bella's and Edward's relationship. Incidentally, this was the scene that author Stephenie Meyer dreamt about and prompted her to write the book Twilight.
N is for newborn. The term used for newly/recently turned vampires.
O is for ocher. Sometimes Edward's eyes are colored golden ocher.
P is for Port Angeles, where Bella almost got into trouble with a group of sketchy men. Edward, of course, came to save the day.
Q is for Quileute, a Native American tribe.
R is for ravioli. Bella ordered mushroom ravioli when Edward took her to La Bella Italia for dinner.
S is for sparkle. Do we even need to explain this?
T is for telepath, because Edward can read other people's thoughts.
U is for underwater. Vampires can stay underwater for as long as they want because they don't need to breathe.
V is for vegetarian. The Cullens are vegetarian vamps.
W is for werewolves, who are the descendants of the Quileutes.
X is for x-ray. Bella got her leg broken and had to go to the hospital.
Y is for yellow. Edward bought Alice a yellow car.
Z is for zillionaire, because vampires are super duper rich!

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