The Struggles of Saying Goodbye to Your Favorite TV Show

Bidding farewell to your beloved TV series is a drama of its own.
The Struggles of Saying Goodbye to Your Favorite TV Show

After several seasons of intriguing storylines, kilig moments, and shocking plot twists, the time has come for your favorite series to end. And now you're not sure what to feel or what to do next. Doesn't it feel like an end of an era?

If you're a big sitcom or soap junkie, you'd know the struggles of saying goodbye to a TV show. Read on and let us know if you can identify with the following scenarios!

1. You start counting how many episodes you have left.
You cling to the final few episodes like it's the only thing you have left. Every time an episode comes to an end, you die just a little bit inside.

2. You try to solve all of the show's mysteries.
The looming end of a TV show tends to bring out the detective in you. Maybe the real villain was the lead character's seemingly good-hearted boyfriend? What if the entire show was just a figment of the protagonist's imagination? You hope against hope that the finale will answer these questions.

3. You struggle to come to grips with the finale.
You've spent hours coming up with countless theories on how the finale will go, only to find out that you will never be prepared for the inevitable. So you watch the last episode over and over.

4. You have so much time after finishing a series.
Your days used to center around the show. You'd block off your evening, finish your homework early, and even invite your besties over to watch it. Obviously, that's not the case anymore.

5. You scramble to find a new show.
There's a series-sized hole in your being right now, and it's going to take another excellent show to fill it. You ask your friends what shows to watch next, but you last a few episodes—they're just not doing it for you.

Just as you’re about to lose hope, however, you chance upon this mind-blowing series. It may never replace your favorite, but you have a feeling that it’ll earn a special place in your heart, too.

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