The Best People To Go on an Adventure With

by Lausanne Barlaan   |  May 6, 2015
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Summer is the best time for adventure, Candy Girls! But do you feel like you're not ready to go travelling alone just yet? We've listed down some of the best people you should bring along on your next big adventure!


 1  The YOLO


Since we're on the topic of adventures, the YOLO friend would be a great companion. They're the ones who would be game to do all high-adrenaline activities, seek out the secret hideouts, and try the most bizarre delicacies. They would also constantly push you out of your comfort zone and will definitely make your adventure a memorable one.

 2  The "Mom"

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A barkada usually has a "mommy," or the girl who looks after everyone else and makes sure no one goes past the line of good, clean fun. The mommy would be a great adventure partner because you'll know she'll support you wherever you want to go but will definitely warn you if, say, the mountain you want to trek up is too much for your asthma. The YOLO friend may take you to new heights, but the mommy will keep you grounded.

 3  The Introvert


You may cross out your introvert friend as a go-to adventure buddy because of her, well, introvertedness, but you'd be surprised at how much insight she can offer. While the rest of your barkada may opt for the usual tourist-type adventures and activities, the introvert will most likely suggest something less known to most (and less crowded) that will surely turn out to be better than what you originally planned. And since introverts are low maintenance friends, they're the perfect companion for chill adventures like road trips and late night bonfires.

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 4  The "Directioner"


No, we don't mean a One Direction fan (although they're great too), but a friend who has a knack for finding places and generally not getting lost. While adventures are usually about venturing into the unknown, your trips shouldn't be 80% finding the place you want to go to, and here's where the "directioner" friend comes in. This companion would probably find the best route to your destination, leaving you more time to actually enjoy where you're going.

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 5  The photographer/artist/writer



An adventure isn't complete without pictures or keepsake to help you remember your journey. Having an art-inclined companion for your adventures means seeing the small details of the places you go and documenting it through your choice of art. Be it a travel essay, a drawing of all the places you visited, or an album of amazing scenery photos, a friend who helps you see and document beauty wherever you go is a great adventure buddy.

Happy summer, Candy Girls!

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