The 5 Different Types Of Facebook Commenters

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Dec 23, 2013
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We've been on Facebook since November 2007 and we finally hit the million likes mark last December 21 (Yay, you! Yay, us!). And because we're practically on Facebook 24/7 (admit it, you are too), we decided to introduce you to the 5 personalities we usually encounter on our Page. No hard feelings, just the truth! :P

  1. The Liker
    Much like a lurker (one who just observes and doesn't really participate), a Liker is one who likes every single status update, photo upload, and even comments. They don't really like to comment, but still want to be part of the community somehow. 
  2. Woohoo The First
    TBH, we're not quite sure what's the big deal about being the first. It's not like there's an award for it or anything. More importantly, most first commenters will just leave a "first!" and then that's it. Come on, if you're going to be the very first comment, you might as well contribute something to the conversation. Right?
  3. The Oversharer
    We're all about being a venue for venting, especially when the topic of the post is super relatable to you. We love fostering a community of not only like-minded people, but also people with different opinions (makes for a healthy debate, don't you think?). But when you start turning the comment box into your journal, it becomes a problem. Leave out important personal details (like your contact details, for example) because this is still a public forum, where lurkers (see #1) can quickly take advantage of that information. We love openness, but discourage stalking!
  4. The Out-of-Topic 
    Sometimes we'll get a really random comment on one of our posts, which has nothing to do with the post. We understand that because you can't write on our Wall, you find the next best place to leave your comment. But you know what, you can tweet us for things like that! That way, your comment doesn't get buried under the ones that actually have relevance to the post in question.
  5. The Loyal Defender
    We've had our fare share of haters and sometimes the mature thing to deal with them is actually not to deal with them. But some of you loyal Candy Girls will come to our defense without us having to ask. And that's what makes you a true blue Candy Girl. Thank you and we love you!

Do you fall under the 5 types or do you think we missed one? Sound off in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

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