The 4 Fictional Characters Every Girl Can Relate To

From TV to movies, here are some of the characters that illustrate what it's like to be a girl.
by Frances Beltran   |  Jun 26, 2016
Image: FOX ART Clare Magno
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Being a girl is no easy feat. Constantly trying to subscribe to social norms while still trying to hold on to our identity, doing our best to escape the fast-approaching clutches of peer pressure, struggling with the suffocation of double standards, and all the while having to be the image of perfect grace under this unfair amount of pressure. We ladies definitely deserve more credit than we're currently getting. But despite the communal struggle being female entails, sometimes it's still difficult to find representation in media. People still don't get to see #thestruggle we face every day. But thanks to these 4 amazing women of film and television, we now get to see a peek of the more relatable side of being a girl—the one that shows behind all the glitz and glamour, there is a goofball.

  1. Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones's Diary)

Admit it, at least once in our lives, we've all done the Bridget Jones's Diary's opening scene. You know, the one where she's lip syncing to "All By Myself" in her jammies, complete with head-banging and open-mouthed sobs? Yeah. With her less-than-smooth moves and uncanny ability to find herself in the unluckiest situations, Bridget Jones is the epitome of every girl who didn't choose the awkward life, but was seemingly chosen by the awkward life itself. 

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  1. Bianca Piper (The Duff)

In a list of the world's easiest places to be in, high school would not even make the top 100. And for a girl with no friends, it's a tough ride. But for a girl overshadowed by having the friends, choosing whether or not to get off on the first stop is practically a daily battle. Bianca Piper aka self-proclaimed DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend), taps into every moment we girls feel like foreigners in our own group of friends. Struggling with body image and social reputation, Bianca is a human representation of when we let our insecurities cloud our perceptions of reality. 

  1. Tina Belcher (Bob's Burgers)

Poor social skills, difficulty in expressing emotion, daydreaming about boys, fluctuating interest in life itself, stuck between growing up and staying young forever, and succumbing to shaving your legs due to peer pressure? If you identified with at least 3 out of the 6 things mentioned then congratulations! You're officially #twinning with Bob's Burgers' quirky 12-year-old star. A modern-day testament that the worries of an adolescent isn't just a manifestation of mindless teen angst and self-invented drama, Tina shows just how complex and chaotic youth can often be. 


  1. Jess (New Girl)

The Jennifer Lawrence of the fictional world, Jessica Day is nothing but quirky and highly relatable. Bubbly, charismatic, hungry, and an expert at fanfiction, Zooey Dechanel's character appeals to the eccentric side every one of us undeniably has. Just like the character, girls aren't perfect. Sure, we can be a little on the weird side on most times, but hey, kooky is the new cool, right?

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