Everything You Need to Know Before Applying to Technological University of the Philippines

For students interested in technical, vocational, industrial, and technological courses.
by Kate Detoya   |  Nov 7, 2022
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The Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) commits itself to providing higher technical, vocational, industrial, and technological education. With time, it continuously persists in its goal of becoming a progressive leader in developmental studies and applied research. These efforts are also put toward the advancement of small-and-medium scale industries in identified growth centers. What makes this state university even more remarkable is its right to accredit an individual's accomplishments towards the conferment of a degree under the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP). TUP has branches in Visayas, Cavite, Taguig, and Manila.

If you're looking to transfer or earn your degree in any of these campuses, here's a quick primer on everything that you need to know:

History of Technological University of the Philippines

The school's establishment in 1901 was in accordance with Act No. 74 of the United States Philippine Commission, which advocates for the instruction of Filipinos on useful trades. Before becoming the Technological University of the Philippines that we know today, the school was renamed three times and the main campus was transferred five times prior to its current settlement at Ayala Boulevard in Ermita, Manila. 


For a time, Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos had to issue the Letter of Implementation (LOI) No. 79 on December 28, 1978 because of the necessity to integrate all activities and programs of state-supported institutions to increase the potential for manpower in the fields that require technical, vocational, industrial, and technological skills through a specialized program of education. With this implementation, the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) became the apex of the National Polytechnic System on technician education. Consequently, the Manila Technician Institute (MTI) and the Visayan Technician Institute (VTI) were put under the administration of TUP, which had the power to supervise the technician programs for optimum coordination among the schools. Soon, the lands, buildings, equipment, appropriations, facilities and qualified personnel were effectively transferred to TUP. In 1985, the TUP Board of Regents officially renamed MTI and VTI as TUP Taguig and TUP Visayas, respectively. A similar arrangement would have also happened to the Iligan Institute of Technology (IIT) if only it was not already fully integrated into the MSU system. 

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The Technological University of the Philippines has now come a long way with its current wide array of available courses that are not limited to trade or technical fields. 

Top Courses TUP is Known For

TUP currently offers a total of twenty courses among its six colleges. However, the state university is most recognized for its outstanding achievements and focus in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Bachelor of Technological Engineering. These programs had previously produced notable graduates who placed high in the board exams and earned the state university the honor of becoming a top performing school.   

How to Apply to TUP

Preparing documents usually takes time. To help you have a smooth-sailing application process, here are the things that you would need:

  1. A recently-taken 2” x 2” picture on a plain white background 
  2. Evidence of Grades (i.e. Form 138 of Grade 11/1stsem. of Grade 12 or equivalent)
  3.  Original copy of Form 138/137 or Transcript of Records
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  5. Photocopy of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) released Birth certificate

Here is a breakdown of the application process:

  1. Fill out the online application form using the link http://ers.tup.edu.ph/aims/applicants.   
  2. Secure admission approval from the Office of Admissions.
  3. Take your scheduled test and bring with you your test permit printout, two sharpened pencils with eraser, and one Senior High School ID. 
  4. Wait for the test result that will be posted at the TUP website.
  5. Secure your Notice of Admissions and proceed to the University Clinic for medical examination.
  6.  Report to your respective course adviser for enrollment.

You may review the full procedure here.

How Much Tuition and Other Fees Cost

Since this is a government owned institution, you wouldn’t have to worry much about your expenses because studying here is super affordable. The entrance examination fee for this state university costs P400 for locals and $50 for foreigners. On the other hand, the tuition fee here costs P150 per unit for your academic subjects. Meanwhile, the miscellaneous fees costs P3,715.



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