These Chic Yet Sustainable Gift Wrapping Tips Are Perfect For Your Holiday Presents

We can make the conscious effort to normalize sustainable gift wrapping alternatives!
by Ashlee Baritugo   |  Dec 16, 2021
Image: Liza Summer/Pexels
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Metro Manila already produces almost twice as much garbage as other areas in the Philippines, with 56.7 percent of this waste coming from resident or household waste in 2020. And if that isn’t enough to raise concern, the country’s Christmas season is known to produce the biggest volume of garbage all year.  

With this, we can make the conscious effort to begin normalizing sustainable gift wrapping alternatives each holiday season, and what better time to start doing so than the present?

Here are four sustainable alternatives for gift wrapping:

1. Upcycled magazines or newspapers lying around your house 

Or scratch paper, really! If you have any old magazines or newspapers lying around your house, you can use these to wrap your presents instead of having to buy paper in the store. BONUS: If you live with kids in the household, you can have them draw or paint on the scratch paper or newspaper to add a personal touch! 


2. Furoshiki wrapping

Got any old pieces of cloth lying around the house, or even an old top you haven’t worn in years? Try Furoshiki wrapping!

Originated in Japan, Furoshiki wrapping entails using a piece of cloth or fabric to wrap gifts in instead of the typical wrapping paper. Unlike traditional paper, using cloth can be an easier alternative when wrapping gifts that have more challenging shapes and crevices to cover. And when all’s said and done, your receiver can always use the cloth for something else, too!

3. Unused paper bags from the grocery store

If, like every other typical Filipino family, you store and keep the good-looking paper bags from the grocery store or trips out, then now is the time to bring them out of storage and use them for good! 

The best thing about using these paper bags is all that blank brown space you can use to draw on or decorate to personalize! 

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4. Locally-produced honeycomb wrappers or string

If you aren’t the type to collect and compile your packaging or just don’t have enough scratch or reusable paper or wrapping materials to wrap your gifts this season, locally-sourced and sustainable options for materials like honeycomb wrappers (you can buy from this store for P549) or paper ribbon string (worth around P60) are always better than mass-produced items!


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