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  |  Apr 28, 2012
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Last Thursday, April 18, 2012—together with 8 other lucky girls, we headed to Club Manila East (CME) in Taytay Rizal for the Ellips Summer U Promo's free Surfing Class.

We were all giddy as we put on our rash guards and covered up with sunscreen, we were just too eager to learn! We started out with the basics, of course; a little background, dos and don'ts, parts of the board, safety precautions, tips and finally, how to ride. It sounded so easy to do and very simple indeed once you try it out on land. But with roaring wind and water, it's a completely different story.

Our instructor from the Philippine Surfing Academy, Paolo Soler said, "After one or two tries, your fear will surely diminish." Most of us were first-timers, some don't even know how to swim! So with trembling hands and feet, we braved the waters of CME.

Falling off and water filling up your nose on the first attempt was inevitable. But that didn't stop us, it only made us want it more—challenge accepted!

Maintaining balance between controlling the board and going with flow is the key. Add it up with right timing and proper positioning, and you're good to go! After a couple of rounds, true enough to what Coach Paolo said, fear turned to fun.

The raging heat was nothing to the hype the waves bring. The rigorous process of climbing the board, paddling deep and hard was a piece of cake.

More than the adrenaline rush and learning something new was finding a new circle sharing the same interest. Having new found friends to explore this sport with made this class extra special.


It was a day of new discoveries, exploring potentials while gaining friends. Truly, it was a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to Ellips.

Ellips Cologne is offering an awesome line-up of free classes this summer, open for girls aged 13-20. Just visit their website and Facebook Fan Page to know more about the promo.

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