Summit Media Turns 20 Celebrating All the Things You're Passionate About

So we're joining in on the #PassionOn fun. What are YOU passionate about?
by   |  Jun 15, 2015
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Our publisher Summit Media turns 20 this month and we're celebrating the two decades that Summit has been making and producing products that celebrate every Filipinos passion in life. Yes, that includes your passions, Candy Girls!

We went ahead and listed down a few of the things we feel very strongly about—and we're pretty sure you feel the same. Happy 20th, Summit!

 1  Body love

We're down for a healthy lifestyle (have you joined our 30-day workout challenge?) but we'll never get behind body shaming.

 2  School

We know we might seem all fun, but we know that there's also a lot of work to be done. And we want to you guys to be the best in ~everything~. Which is why apart from dishing out style and beauty tips, we also make sure to school you in all things scholarly.

 3  Food

Who doesn't love a juicy burger or a tasty macaron? We love good food—and of course, we love sharing our yummy finds with you!


 4  Fangirling

Um, do we even need to explain this? We know that being a fan is absolute hard work. From staying up at odd hours just to participate in a worldwide livestream to lining up overnight to get tickets to a concert to joining every contest there is just to get a chance to meet our idols. And we know how heartbreaking it is when your favorite bands breaks up—or someone leaves. We know, because we're fans just like you are! Hello, have you seen our Candy loves One Direction page? We're also constantly churning out fan mags for you to keep in your collection. Who has the 5SOS fan mag and both 1D fan mags?

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 5  Music

We won't last a day without logging in a few listening hours on Spotify. We even have a ton of playlists you can put on repeat if you feel like it. Make sure to follow us (search: candymag)! And don't even get us started on all the fun concerts. We're so thrilled that so many artists are finally coming to our shores.


 6  Taylor Swift

Yes, she deserves her own number! We love how we grew up with her and we kind of feel like part of her squad, too. (Maybe that's just wishful thinking on our part.) But we adore Taylor because she's also a very passionate person! She loves her work (how awesome is 1989?), she gives importance to her peeps, and most important of all, she champions her fans—that's us, you guys!

 7  OTPs

From Jadine and Kathniel to Tayvin and Zeddlena, we're super involved when it comes to shopping our favorite love teams—whether real or reel. We're so invested, we even dreamed up a fake movie for April Fool's Day!

 8  Instagram

And we're pretty sure this is one of the things you're also passionate about. From getting the right filter to shooting in the right light, we confess: We take our 'gramming seriously. And we won't take it against you if you do, too. Let's just draw the line when it comes to hashtags—can we keep it to a minimum? And no to post-deleters, please!


 9  Social good

Speaking of which, we're advocates of using social media responsibly: for spreading good vibrations, without bullying anyone. In case you needed a reminder, stop these habits now.

 10   Serious business

Creating a safe space for discussion, whether it's about our feelings or feminism.

 11   Good entertainment

From our obsession with royal dramas to movies we absolutely can't wait to watch every month, we take entertainment very, very seriously. We love discussing the details of an episode after we watch (a big, fat NO to spoilers) and we're always eager to be first in line to watch a movie on opening day.


 12  Words

We're constantly looking for words to inspire us, to push us to move forward or move on, to help us be the best that we can be. There's a quote for everything!

 13  Shopping smart

We know the importance of the perfect white tee or the best denim pieces to have in your closet. But we also know that not everyone can spend a ton of money to splurge on shopping. That's why we show you how to maximize the clothes that you already have in your wardrobe!


 14  Hair

We know your struggles. And we try to help you out whether you have short hair, curly hair, or even a haircut you don't like.

 15  Makeup

Eyebrows, check. No-makeup makeup look, mastered. We know that you love makeup just as much as we do. And that you're not afraid to have fun with it when you feel like it. 

 16  Things Handmade

Got too much flowers and chocolates from your guy? No problem. We'll teach you how to make stuff from your gifts. We're all about the DIY movement.

 17  Candy Cuties

Which reminds us... it's almost that time of the year again. Are you excited to meet this year's batch?

 18  Books

Whether it's a novel, or a style guide, or a book all about quotes, we know how reading is a major part of your life. That's why we love producing more books for you each year! Which one are you looking forward to reading this year?


 19  You

Do you even wonder why we have a Candy Fair every year? It's because we want to make you guys happy! By bringing everyone together to celebrate, what else but...

 20  Friendship

And how can we possibly talk about passion without talking about fierce and loyal friendship? We've been best friends for 16 years now, and that relationship is one that will never ever end. We pinky promise. Even when you've graduated high school or college, we'll all be Candy Girls forever.

What other things are you passionate about? Leave a comment below or tweet us @candymagdotcom and let's talk #PassionOn.

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