Summer Favorites: Gigger Boys

We caught up with the cast of Boystown at the set of their show!
  |  May 24, 2009
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Name: Ernest Lorenzo Dee
Nickname: Enchong
Birthday: November 5
You've seen me in: Abt Ur Luv, ASTIGS, My Girl, My Only Hope, Lastikman, Boystown, ASAP09, Palimos ng Pag-Ibig

My summer's favorite...
Read: Donald Trump's Think Like a Champion
Album/Song: "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas
Show: Ellen, ASAP, Your Song, TMZ
Movie: BFF, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Outfit: Board shorts lang =)
Pig out place: Nothing compares to my mom's home cooked meal =)

Name: Sam Concepcion
Nickname: Sam
Birthday: October 17, 1992
You've seen me in: Super Inggo, I Love Betty La Fea, Boystown, and in concert! :)

My summer's favorite...
Read: Neverwhere
Album/Song: Year of the Gentleman
Show: American Idol!
Movie: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Pig out place: Shangri-la Circles

Name: Dino Imperial
Nickname: Dino
Birthday: April 9, 1988
You've seen me in: ASAP 09, Boystown

My summer's favorite...
Read: Marvel Comics
Album/Song: Kanye West's songs
Show: CSI
Movie: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fast and Furious
Outfit: a loud graphic t-shirt, trucker caps, and hi-cut shoes
Pig out place: Teriyaki Boy, Burger King


Name: Robert Marion Domingo
Nickname: Robi
Birthday: September 27, 1989
You've seen me in: MYX, Studio 23, ASAP09, Boystown, Ateneo

My summer's favorite...
Read: The Kite Runner
Album/Song: Your Universe by Rico B. "Tell something..."
Show: MYX, your choice, your music
Movie: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Outfit: Bench
Pig out place: Home... with my family. Awww...

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Name: AJ S. Perez
Nickname: AJ
Birthday: Feb 17, 1993
You've seen me in: ASAP, Boystown, Abt Ur Luv, BFF, Magkaibigan, Lobo

My summer's favorite...
Read: Wolverine Origins (the comic)
Album/Song: Folie a Deux (Fall Out Boy), Blame It (Jamie Foxx)
Show: Gossip Girl, Boystown
Movie: Star Trek
Outfit: Casual
Pig out place: Home or at taping

Name: Chris Gutierrez
Nickname: Chris
Birthday: May 9, 1992
You've seen me in: ASAP09, Boystown, Abt Ur Luv

My summer's favorite...
Read: The Stranger
Album/Song: Blame It, Folie a Deux, Kiss Me Thru Da Phone, and Roc Da Mic
Show: Boystown
Movie: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Outfit: Graphic shirts, bonnets, rings, and Dunks
Pig out place: Teriyaki Boy, Sizzling Pepper Steak


Catch Boystown Sundays at 3pm on ABS-CBN.

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