How To Maximize Subscription Services If You Live In A Dorm

Aside from electricity and water, here are some essential subscription services you can divide among you and your dormmates.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 17, 2020
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Dorming may sound relatively exciting at first, primarily because you get to live away from home and test your independence. It’s not so fun, however, once you think about the adulting aspect of things, aka spending some money to pay for things you’ll be needing in the dorm.

While bringing out the PHPs out of your wallets is inevitable, there are ways to lessen the cost of dorming. For instance, it’s not uncommon for dormmates to split the costs of living together. Aside from electricity and water, here are some essential subscription services you can divide among you and your dormmates:

Spotify Premium Family Promo

If you and your dormmates cannot survive without good music, you’ll be thankful for Spotify’s Premium Family subscription. Instead of paying individually for your premium accounts, you can subscribe to using this promo and split the monthly P194 fee between six people. Users of the accounts under the Premium Family subscription must all live at the same address, so it’s perfect for you and your dorm friends.


Check out the details here.

Netflix Premium Subscription

Netflix is life and is an important part of any college student’s experience, it’s just a little too unattainable for someone like you na hindi naman sumusuweldo. But if you check Netflix’s Premium plan, you’ll be paying P550 for up to four screens. So if you split it among four people, you’ll only technically be paying around P137.50 a month for unli streaming. If you ask us, that’s good news for you and your pop culture-loving dormmates (but bad news for your homework, though).

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Check out the different plans here.

A Pocket Wi-Fi for the dorm

It’s practically impossible nowadays to survive college without a stable internet connection. Case in point: You’ll be doing research for school, working on group projects online, beating the 11:59 deadline to email your homework to your prof, scrolling through countless memes when you’re on your study break, and streaming your favorite vloggers’ videos when you have the strong urge to procrastinate.


A pocket Wi-Fi would be a good investment for the dorm. You can split the cost of buying a unit and take turns paying for load. This one from Globe costs P1,295 and can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. It also comes with a free GoWATCH 399 promo where you get 10 GB worth of video streaming for 30 days. Once you’re done with college, you can resell the unit to future dormers and split the payment amongst yourselves again!

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