8 Struggles All Students Who Hate Math Can Relate To

by Leika Golez   |  Feb 2, 2023
Image: Pexels Art: Pau Moyano
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I've been a Humanities and Social Sciences girl for most of my life, so I never really enjoyed working with numbers. From dividing complex fractions in middle school to simplifying logarithmic expressions in university, I've been struggling with Math since I learned how to count. Even now that I'm officially a 20-something adult with a full-time job and a bachelor's degree, the thought of computing something manually still gives me the heebie-jeebies.

As dramatic as this all sounds, I'm sure a lot of students and fellow fresh grads can relate to my ~complicated relationship~ with math. If you're one of them, keep scrolling to read about seven struggles that our math-hating cult would know all too well:

1. You never understood the importance of complex Math. 

Fine, I admit that Math is useful in everyday life, but I'm only referring to the simple stuff. I can divide a restaurant bill mentally and determine a sale item's discounted price, but I never actually use the quadratic equation IRL. I do acknowledge that advanced Math lessons build discipline and develop critical thinking skills, but I still get war flashbacks nonetheless.

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2. You've cried over your homework before.

It's okay—we've all been there. You're reading a word problem over and over again, and next thing you know, you're having a mental breakdown at 2 a.m.

3. You tend to make careless mistakes in tests. 

Since Math tests bring you so much anxiety, you're prone to rushing your computations and overlooking small but necessary steps. Sometimes, you'd even spend 15 minutes trying to solve a multiple-choice question, only to end up with an answer that isn't even in the choices. Ouch.

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4. You've memorized a ton of Math formulas.

You already know that you can't trust yourself when it comes to manual calculations, so you at least want to get your equation right. Consequently, you try to memorize every Math formula you can in an attempt to scrape through your quarterly exams.

5. Asking for help isn't always productive.

It feels like everyone in this world has tried to help you overcome your struggles with Math—Kumon, review centers, your BFF, your smart classmate, your parents, and even the all-knowing Purplemath and Khan Academy. Although they're helpful sometimes, understanding topics by yourself at your own pace and time is the only foolproof way to truly comprehend lessons. Occasionally, asking others to explain difficult concepts for you can even muddle your thoughts further because everyone digests information differently.

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6. You can't survive without your calculator.

The calculator is your trusty BFF, and you can't ever imagine living without it. You probably triple-check your bag the night before an exam just to make sure that you haven't forgotten it.

7. Word problems are the bane of your existence.

Seriously, they're just so unnecessarily complicated. What's the point of guessing a person's age based on someone else's birthday? Why calculate how many cake slices are left using only fractions? Can't you just ask that person their age directly and count the slices yourself? LOL.

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