Stellar Act

Showbiz pros give us insight on how a real star makes it to the top!
  |  Nov 10, 2005
illustrations by Koko Gonzales
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Showbiz sure is one glitzy business, but simply being a celebrity doesn’t make you a star. Industry pros give us their two cents’ worth on how celebrities should act, and most importantly how they should relate to the people they work with. Take note of the dos and don’ts of work ethics. After all, making it big takes more than mere talent–hard work, perseverance, and humility will take you far, too.

director.jpgThe Pro: Quark Henares
What he does: Directs and oversees the production of a film or music video.
Stellar Act: “No one person is more important than anyone else. Everyone, from the director, to the star, to the utility guy, all do their small part to make a greater whole–the film. One should know that without good people behind the camera, “stars” would be nothing. It's very important that when talents come on the set, they do so as ACTORS, not artistas. They have to take their craft seriously and not be prima donnas.”
Starlicious Tip: “You should do whatever makes you happy. Make sure no one stops you from doing just that! Eventually, when all is said and done, that's when you'll shine!”

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handler.jpgThe Pro: Jet Valle, Talent Handler for Boy Abunda’s Backroom, Inc.
What he does: As a handler, he oversees the careers of the talents assigned to him. As publicist, he does PR work for different clients.
Stellar Act: “The first lesson an actor should learn is that an actor should come prepared. This shows that you have respect for your craft, and for the people you work with. Actors must respect the production people working WITH them. "With" and not "for", because talents and the production crew work hand in hand to come up with a great TV show or film. You're all on one team. No one's EVER better than the other!”
Starlicious Tip: “There's no room for mediocrity in the business, and that goes for everything in life! Be the best in whatever you do!”


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