10 Online Co-Op Games to Play When You Want to Bond With Your S.O.

All available on Steam for less than P2,000!
by Louise Lizan for Spot.ph   |  Sep 16, 2022
Image: Steam Art: Ines Munoz
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When you have someone special in your life, it doesn't really matter what you do or where you go, as long as you're together. #SanaAll. Cheesy bits aside, whether it's just opting to stay inside, watch Netflix and chill, or spending time together doing nothing at all at home—snuggling, sleeping, and, really, just enjoying each other's presence (how many times do we have to say it?) —is all worth it. And well, staying inside is currently the go-to thanks to the unpredictable rainy season. While all of that sounds chill and cozy, we got something else you could try at home if you want to have something more thrilling: playing co-op video games. Check out our list below of games to play when you need a bit of a thrill.

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Here are relationship-testing Co-Op games to play with your partner:

It Takes Two

You and your partner will play as Cody and May, a married couple on the verge of divorce inaction-adventure video game It Takes Two. Rosie, their daughter, accidentally turned them into her handmade dolls in a wish to mend their broken relationship. Yup, you will go on a magical rollercoaster journey in a fantasy world as tiny toys on a mission to get back to their human bodies. In the process, you might just rekindle the spark, too.

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It Takes Two is priced at P1,799 on Steam.


You and your partner play as investigators on the hunt for paranormal evidence in haunted locations. It's an immersive psychological horror game bound to give you the type of heart attack you'd enjoy as you go around the creepy household. Your goal is to find out what kind of ghost is lurking inside the home and, of course, not die. You can play this with up to four players. Fair warning: There'll be a lot of screaming and calling for help.


Phasmophobia is priced at P379.95 on Steam.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Have you ever wondered how to disarm a bomb? ("Your butt, your butt is the bomb.") In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, you get first-hand bomb-diffusing experience, in a manner of speaking. Don't worry though, your partner can read an extensive manual to help you. But here's the catch, the diffuser (you) can't look at the manual, and your partner, the "Expert" can't look at the ticking time bomb.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is priced at P419.95 on Steam.

A Way Out

You're going to play as inmates Leo and Vincent who aim to escape prison together and gain freedom. You also get to know Leo and Vincent's stories. Like any other game on this list, this will put your relationship, erm, we mean your teamwork and puzzle-solving skills to the test. It is a split-screen co-op game.


A Way Out is priced at P999 on Steam.


Think Hell's Kitchen but with more chaos. You ask, what's more chaotic than having Gordon Ramsay literally sandwich your face in two buns and make you call yourself an idiot sandwich? It's bread zombies (the "unbread," they say), raccoons in wheelchairs, and various designs and levels that will catapult your restaurant into the sky or on the river... or on top of lava. You'll work as a team of little chefs preparing to cook and serve customers while manning your different stations. You get to strategize with your partner or friends (it's up to four players) to get the dishes out in record time. It's just pure chaos, we tell you.

Overcooked! is priced at P459, and Overcooked! 2 at P795 on Steam.

Portal 2

You'll have to work together to solve problems and puzzles (sound familiar?) throughout this game but this time, not as human beings, as robots with portal guns that know "no pride (hehe), fear, anything." Portal is a classic game that'll definitely make the gears in your head turn.. a lot. Possibly more than you ever did in your entire life.


Portal 2 is priced at P289.95 on Steam.

Unravel Two

The adventure game Unravel Two follows two Yarnys, which are "small creatures made of yarn," who found each other and become connected by a single thread. Together they will explore and bring light into a dark and gloomy world. Kind of like you and your partner and the bond you formed when you two met each other. Cheesy, again, we know.

Unravel Two is priced at P599 on Steam.

Escape Simulator

You know for sure how fun, and stressful, escape rooms can get. This time, you can have all the thrills virtually via this game. You and your partner will explore interactive rooms, examine things that can help you solve puzzles, and riddles to escape.

Escape Simulator is priced at P389.95 on Steam.

Operation: Tango

Let's be real here: You once wished to become a super agent or hacker behind missions to save the world. You might've gone as far as daydreaming or roleplaying as the ones that'll beat the bad guys. Well, you can relive that dream with your partner or friend as an Agent or Hacker and work side-by-side, erm, we mean ear-by-ear because you are only connected by voice, and perform various missions we only see in movies, together.


Operation: Tango is priced at P722.68 on Steam.


Imagine you're stranded in the middle of the vast ocean with no land in sight. How would you survive? Find out when you play this adventure game Raft. You'll learn how to gather resources and build equipment and/or weapons while watching out for sharks and the ocean's nasty beasts.

Raft is priced at P499.95 on Steam.

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