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Whether you're an athlete in training or just dream of being in the Athens 2004 Olympics, this test can help you find a sport that suits you best. By Georgina Aguila
  |  Mar 29, 2008
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Your favorite place to eat is
where you can have Asian, European, and American dishes -- all at once.
a cozy café.
an eat-all-you-can restaurant. You love to pig out!
the new Japanese resto that's rumored to be better than your fave sushi place.
any restaurant with great ambience.
For your prom dress, you'd most likely pick
a funky ukay-ukay find.
a dress that'll hide your flab.
something that matches your date's suit.
anything but that pink dress Gwyneth wore to the Oscars.
something simple, paired with stunning accessories.
You find that your history grades are slipping. You
find creative ways to make the Gupta Empire more interesting.
read, read, read at home.
join a remedial class.
ask your teacher for tips.
hire a tutor.
You're a finalist in the national math meet. You prepare by
studying quickly -- you're in the physics meet too!
studying in the privacy of your room.
hosting a study session with your schoolmates.
comparing notes with the other students.
buying a hi-tech scientific calculator.
Your favorite childhood game is
the obstacle race.
Chinese garter.
tug of war.

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