Spooky Ensemble

The Candy editors will play dress up for Halloween. How about you?
  |  Oct 26, 2010
photo courtesy of The CW (The Vampire Diaries)
staff photos by Patrick Martires
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If you were going to a Halloween party, what costume are you going to wear?

mimi.jpg We threw our Halloween bash early this year, and for my costume, I decided to go as Nancy Downs—one of the witches from The Craft. It was fun putting together the costume, creating a makeshift nose ring, and turning to the dark side for a night! —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg I'd love to play the sexy evil vampire Katherine on The Vampire Diaries. But I wish I could have brothers Damon and Stefan on both of my arms as props! ;) —Angel, Associate Features Editor
marla.jpg If I had a Halloween party to attend, I'd be Jacob Black. I'd buy one of those T-shirts with abs drawn on them, wear denim shorts, go barefoot, scowl all night, and say stuff like "I'm hotter than you." —Marla, Associate Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg I never really dress up for Halloween, but last year since my friends and I won for our Josie and the Pussycats attempt, we want to dress up again! We're thinking Cher, Dionne, and Tai from '90s classic Clueless. Now where are those knee-high socks... —Macy, Web Managing Editor
roch.jpg I once saw this Rainbow Brite costume at a Halloween party a couple of years ago and since then, I wanted to have my own Rainbow Brite costume. I was supposed to get one when I was in the States last year but it was too cold in Canada to wear something short so I opted to wear a pirate costume instead. :) —Roch, Web Staff Writer

Got a question you'd like to ask the editors? Spill in the comments below! :)

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