@SocalityBarbie Says Everything You're Afraid To About Being Real on Instagram

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Sep 4, 2015
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We admit we can get pretty obsessive with our Instagram feed. We can't count the number of times we've had to search for props to use for the perfect flat lay featuring our cover. Or how many minutes (ahem, hours?) we spend on VSCO or Afterlight just to get the perfect filter. And we know you understand, because you can get pretty fixated on fixing your grid, too.

So when we came across @SocalityBarbie, we couldn't help but laugh because she tells it like it is. This hipster Barbie takes all of the "filtered" Instagram "realness" and shows you how funny it all can be—1 million hashtags, included and how "living authentic" on Instagram might be entirely different from living authentic, well, IRL.

 1  Rule 1. Always gram your coffee or it didn't happen.

How many times have you ordered coffee for the latte art?

 2  She believed she could so she did.


Raise your hand if you have a note file filled with quotes ready for captioning amassed from Tumblr and Pinterest.


There's no problem about being grateful, but really?

 4  #OOTD before going on an adventure.

watch now

Of course, you've got to do that flat lay on a wooden floor.

 5  Because you've got to see it from my perspective.

Switch up with sunnies in the summer.

 6   Magic words: Promo code.

AKA sponsored post.

 7   Food held across the wall = instant art


HAHA, we've done it.

 8   Life is beautiful.

Totally staged to not look staged.

 9   Hipster Backpack: $200 @sackclothxashes Blanket: $99 Plane ticket to San Diego: $311 Hotel 3 night Stay: $225. Getting to be a part of a true Insta-Community: freaking expensive.

See #7.

 10  Could I be more authentic?

Yes, because this is really how you stand normally, with your hand on your head.

While it's really nice to browse a curated feed, we also know that real life isn't perfect. It wouldn't be with all the fun that can only be captured with a blurred photo, or the mess that comes with a four-hour lunch, or the chaos that happens when you're getting dressed for your first date.

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