So Much Win: The Candy Girl's Guide to Growing Up Awesome

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So Much Win: The Candy Girl's Guide to Growing Up Awesome

Sure, growing up can be tough and awkward and full of doubts, but you can turn things around little by little, day by day. Your teen years are also the best time to think about your future and start gearing up for it. Working at being future-ready isn't as hard as it sounds, especially if you've taken part in #TeenWeekPH 2015. Missed it? We're sharing our notes with you:


This year, #TeenWeekPH visited 125 schools nationwide to help 1 million Pinoy teens be future-ready through its activity booths and "edutainment" videos. Each short film tackled a specific teen issue and how teens like you could overcome it.

The #TeenWeekPH Teen Council also came along and gave talks on teen life, self-esteem, talent, confidence, dreams and ambitions, and valuing friendships and relationships. Some Teen Council members included athlete and entrepreneur Chris Tiu, actor Enrique Gil, and volleyball champ and student Alyssa Valdez.

The week ended with a #TeenWeekPH Fair, a fun-filled event co-created with teens that featured a whole day of activities, celebrities, performances, and freebies. Here, students from various participating schools got to apply what they learned during #TeenWeekPH and showed that they truly are future-ready and confident teens.

More than just a week-long event that happens once a year, #TeenWeekPH is also a community of teens who not only share their ideas and opinions with each other, but confide in each other and help each other with their various problems. In its third year, #TeenWeekPH has helped teens all over the Philippines gain the confidence they need to be future-ready. See you next year!

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