Six Easy To Do Health Boosters

Shape up in the most surprising ways.
by Giancarla Espinosa   |  Mar 15, 2010
photo by Dakila Angeles
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We hear you—choosing healthy options can sound like a lot of hard work, and not the least bit exciting. Bet you'll be glad to know that some of your fave daily habits can yield remarkable health benefits!

  1. Bask In The Sun

    Ever notice how the beach seems to cure everything? It's the sun that's doing the trick. Sunlight increases the production of serotonin, which is linked to the improvement of sleep patterns and the regulation of body temperature.

  2. Get A Plant

    Plants can remove pollutants such as carbon monoxide and dust in the air. People become less susceptible to colds and allergies. Looking at the leaves of plants can also help relax people as green has a calming effect.

  3. Eat Chocolate

    Studies have shown that chocolate is good for the heart. It contains antioxidants that help the body resist damage-causing pollutants. Moderate amounts of dark chocolate reduce the formation of plaque on the arterial walls and lower the risk of heart disease.

  4. Love Your Pet

    A puppy is more than just cuteness with legs. Taking care of a pet lowers the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that the simple act of petting and slow down the heart rate. Having a pet also helps curb loneliness and reduce stress.

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  5. Spot Your Crush

    When you spy the object of your affection, your immune system actually gets boost! Caring for someone tends to relax a person, minimizing the production of cortisol, a chemical released by the body in stressful situations.

  6. Move To The Rhythm

    Dancing is a great aerobic activity that tones the muscles and increases flexibility. But dancing does more than make you sweat! The music you choose also has surprising health benefits. Studies reveal that fast music increase blood circulation (improving brain activity) while slow ones can lower the heart rate (reducing stress).

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