Craving Sisig? Here Are 10 Places That Deliver Around Metro Manila

Now could someone pass us the rice?
by Patricia Baes for   |  Jun 6, 2020
Image: PIXABAY/jonathanvalencia5
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In the realm of Filipino dishes, nothing gets our stomachs rumbling (and arteries clogging) quite like sisig. Although originally conceived as a sour salad, sisig as we know it today is a savory dish made of chopped-up pork face, ears, and/or other pig parts that goes especially well with beer and cups of white rice.

While you can get it just about anywhere in the Metro, there are a few versions around that truly stand out—and what’s great is that you can get them delivered so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

Hit up these places if you’re looking for sisig that can be delivered:


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Manam’s House Crispy Sisig is our favorite sisig in Manila for its heady combination of a distinctive crispness, velvety sauce, and savory chicharon topping that always, always satisfies. Get it delivered either by calling one of their open branches, logging on to the Moment Group’s delivery website, or finding Manam on Foodpanda, GrabFood, or LalaFood.

See a list of open branches and their contact numbers. For orders, contact one of the branches directly, check out the Moment Group’s delivery website, or find Manam on Foodpanda, GrabFood, or LalaFood.

JT’s Manukan Grille

PHOTO BY JT's Manukan Grille

You probably know JT’s Manukan for inasal, but the Joel Torre-owned restaurant also makes a killer Pork Sisig (P220, additional P20 for egg) that’s got the right balance of saltiness, acidity, and mild heat. Not into pork bits? Try the Chicken Sisig (P200, additional P20 for egg) which is every bit as flavorful. Selected branches are currently open, including the Libis, Katipunan, and Pioneer stores—just contact the branch directly and have it picked up with your courier of choice, such as Grab or Lalamove. A number of open branches are also on Foodpanda.

See a list of open branches and their contact numbers. You can also find selected branches of JT’s Manukan Grille on Foodpanda.

Sisig Hooray

Sisig Hooray is a well-known sisig shop whose rendition of the pork dish is creamy with a buttery, tangy sauce that’s topped with chicharon. They finished at seventh place in's 2017 Top 10 Sisig in Manila list—and trust us, it’ll make you eat a ton of rice. They’ve got a number of branches open that you can order from via GrabFood or by calling directly. Their Pork Kasilog Meal (P120) is a great option for its price that comes with pork sisig, rice, and egg, but if you really wanna fuel up, go for the Pork Double Sisig Meal (P180), which comes with a double serving of sisig, rice, and egg.


See a list of open branches and their contact numbers. Order by calling directly or by finding Sisig Hooray on GrabFood.


As its name implies, Icebergs’ Famous Sisig (P248) is popular for good reason. It's also part of's 2017 Top 10 Sisig in Manila list, it’s got no shortage of salty, crunchy bits, and has a mild margarine-y note that works well with the hint of liver underlining the dish. You can order for delivery directly from their Timog and Caloocan branches. The Timog branch is also on FoodPanda.

For orders, contact 8293-9089 (Timog) or 8353-3562 (Caloocan).



More than killer fried chicken and burgers, BBX makes a hefty Crispy Sisig & Egg Rice Plate (P189) that’s on the saucy side and packs a powerful punch of flavor. You can order from their delivery website, which lets you pay via GCash, bank deposit, credit card, or Paypal; or find BBX on GrabFood or Foodpanda.

For orders, visit Lowbrow Casual Restaurants’ delivery website, or find BBX on GrabFood or Foodpanda.


PHOTO BY Dencio's

Like your sisig with tons of crunchy bits? Go for Dencio’s Krispy Sisig (P225), which is smoky with a generous amount of chopped onions to balance out the pork’s richness. Whether you take it with as pulutan with beer or as a heavyweight meal with plain rice, you’ll finish a whole plate in no time. You can place an order by contacting one of their open branches or by checking out their delivery website.

See a list of open branches and their contact numbers. You can also log on to Dencio’s delivery website.

Aysee Sisig

This Kapitolyo neighborhood favorite is a go-to spot for sisig, thanks to their dry-but-crunchy take with a balanced flavor profile you can easily amp up with the seasonings served alongside. You can now get your fix of their Pork Sisig with Egg (P145) by sending them a message through Facebook or Viber, or by ordering through GrabFood or LalaFood.


For orders, contact 0917-833-0554 through Viber, send their Facebook page a message, or find Aysee Sisig on GrabFood or LalaFood.

Recovery Food

PHOTO BY Recovery Food

Recovery Food specializes in savory comfort eats that feel like a warm hug, and no dish better exemplifies this than the Doc Sisig (P155/regular, P235/full recovery)—a soft, umami-packed take on the pork dish served over warm rice with an egg. If you’d rather cook your own, you can also get it in ready-to-cook form (P195/500 grams). Just contact one of their open branches to order.


See a list of open branches and their contact numbers.

Sisig Society

Sisig Society is the place to turn to for sisig that’s equal parts smoky and creamy with a good amount of chicharon for crunch. They have selected branches open, and you can conveniently order via Foodpanda, LalaFood, or GrabFood, so you can get your fill of their Classic Pork Sisig (P230/solo with rice, P330/good for two to three) or Spicy Pork Sisig (P230/solo with cup of rice, P330/good for two to three) whenever the cravings hit.

For orders, find Sisig Society on Foodpanda, LalaFood, or GrabFood.

Gerry’s Grill

PHOTO BY Gerry's Grill

Gerry’s Grill makes a fairly straightforward Sizzling Sisig (P207) with a good ratio of meat to chopped onions and garlic. Crunchy and surprisingly not too greasy, it’s brought to new heights with a squeeze of calamansi. You can order by calling their hotline or by logging on to their website.

For orders, contact 8332-1111 or visit Gerry’s Grill’s delivery website.

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