5 Signs You're Burnt Out From Studying Too Much

Here's your reminder to listen to your body and take a rest.
by Kyle Ramiel Dalangin   |  Sep 6, 2023
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Sometimes, when we are too caught up with our academic requirements, we tend to push ourselves to our limits. It’s a common thing among students. As we juggle academic responsibilities with our personal ones, it is inevitable to leave with little to no time to rest. In cases like these, we almost always end up with a burnout. Not sure if you’re going through one? Here are some of the signs that you’re burned out from school:

1. You always feel tired or drained.

One of the major signs of being burned out is if you always feel tired. There are times when no matter how long you sleep, you always wake up feeling drained like you just worked out for the past hour. This is when you know that what you need is real rest—the one where you do what makes you relaxed and your mind is at peace. Once you get a good rest, you may start again but only with proper time to work!


2. You no longer have the motivation to keep going.

When you’re burned out, you sometimes question the purpose of what you do. Is this worth it? Does this even matter? Why do I do this? It’s okay to ask yourself these questions and try to always answer them yourself. Remind yourself of the very reason why you do the things you do. That way, you may bring back the motivation that you had from the start.

3. You are not satisfied with your academic performance.

Pushing yourself too much may also lead to producing outputs that are unsatisfactory. When there’s too much on your plate, sometimes you just try to submit and submit for the sake of it being completed. Sadly, this may end up with you not being satisfied with your own academic performance. You know you can do better, but you do not have the energy to do so. This is when you know you’re burned out.

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4. Your diet or sleep schedule changes.

One of the signs that you’ve reached your limit is when you start to eat and sleep less. You dedicate most of your time to studying and you no longer have time to do the necessities. You put aside your eating and sleeping which makes your body get used to eating and sleeping so little. This is just one of the harmful sides of burnout. It makes your body weak.

5. Your social battery is zero.

While some of us hang out with our friends to relieve our stress, you know you’re burned out when you can’t even show up to your friends’ get-togethers. Along with your body, your social battery plummeted to zero. This is because you use too much of your energy studying that your body starts to stop you from spending more. What’s best to do is to take your time resting within yourself. 


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