Here's Why You Need to Upgrade to a New Smart Phone

Samsung elevates our smart phone standards with their newly-launched Samsung Galaxy and S6 Edge.
by Lausanne Barlaan   |  Apr 21, 2015
PHOTO Lausanne Barlaan
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Last April 17, Samsung topped their already amazing line of smart phones with the launch of Samsung
Galaxy S6 and Samsung S6 Edge. For the launch, Art and Fashion were celebrated as world renowned
Filipino glass sculptor Ramon Orlina crafted sculptures inspired by the dual edge screen of the Samsung
Galaxy S6 Edge. The country's top designers from the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines also
showcased unique outfits based on the vibrant colors of the latest Samsung Galaxy S phones. Adding to
the excitement was the launch of Samsung's newest brand ambassadors, style icons Georgina Wilson
and Solenn Heusaff.

Can't wait to learn more about the talked-about phones, Candy Girls? We made a list below why you
should join the Next Is Now movement and upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

 1  You love taking pictures but hate it when your camera takes too long to load.
The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge only take 0.7 seconds to load, which is perfect for capturing moments that pass by quickly. The camera is also perfect for Instagram-worthy photos because of its 16 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front cameras!


 2  You're tired of your phone's old look.
You can now choose the phone that suits your personality as Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge come in a wide range of colors–white pearl, black sapphire, gold platinum, blue topaz, and green emerald. You can also opt to deck out your phone with leading jeweller Marilou Co's luxury Galaxy S6 phone case boasting of 18k yellow and white gold!

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 3  You've outgrown your bulky old phone.
Samsung S6 Edge, the world's first dual edge screen, is sleek and stylish, the perfect accessory for all your #ootds!

 4  Your phone takes too long to charge.
When your phone is always charging, it makes you lose precious time. Both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge only take 10 minutes of charging for up to 4 hours of usage time! What's even better is that they only take 85 minutes to be fully charged.

 5  You always forget your charger at home.
When we said that Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge only take roughly an hour to charge, we weren't done with their super awesome charging capabilities. These newly-released smart phones have built in wireless charging, making it convenient for Candy Girls who like their charging hassle and wire-free.


Want to know more about these awesome new phones? Visit for more details.

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