Signs That You're Studying the Wrong Course in College

Maybe it's best to shift before it's too late.
by Pam Carlota   |  Feb 22, 2017
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Choosing a college course is a major decision that we had to do when we were high school seniors in a truly YOLO moment. When the day came you had to pick a course, chances are that you were caught off-guard and just chose what you thought was easy and would get you more money in your future career. But if you're starting to question the choice you made and you're hesitant about changing your course, go through this list first and see how many you could relate to.

  1. You have terrible grades.


This is the first tell sign and the major reason why you should consider changing your course. You always think that you'll be better the next time around. But after months or years, you're still getting bad grades.

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  1. You can't see how you could use this degree when you start work.

You don't see yourself in the future having a job in this field and you start to question the success of your future career. 

  1. When you hate all your coursework and projects.

You can't see the fun anymore than when you first started on your first day. You find it hard to grasp concepts now–even the details of your lessons. The other reason is that you might have lost your motivation to study and would rather do anything else.

  1. You'd rather be doing something else.

Now here comes the thought of "What if?" You start to be curious about other majors in your school. Then you start thinking of other professions that's way different from your course that you can even visualize yourself being successful in that career.

  1. You're hesitating to change majors. 

The fact that you're thinking about changing majors is a big sign that the course you are in is the wrong one. 

If you relate to all 5 items, you should definitely think long and hard about switching courses. But if you relate only to at least 3 items, changing course could just be your plan B. Try changing your perspective first; you might be surprised by the newfound love you have for your course that you thought you didn't have before.

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