Your ~Ultimate~ Guide to Choosing a Senior High School Track and Strand

by Renee Isabella Aguila   |  Mar 24, 2023
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Before you enter senior high school (SHS), you have to make a ~big decision~ on what track you’ll choose because this can help you in deciding your college course, and eventually, your career path.

Although you don’t necessarily have to stick to your chosen track, it’s still important to  choose wisely to avoid shifting between tracks during your high school years. You should take time to do some research and consider each track’s objectives, subjects, and possible professions.

It may seem challenging to decide, so we’ve prepared a guide to choosing the right SHS track just for you. 

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Each Senior High School Track and Strand Explained

1. Academic Track

In the Academic Track, you’re being prepared to take college and university courses. As its namesake, you’ll get more academic-related subjects that fit with the strand you specialize in.

Under this track, your options include:

For STEM students, some courses that align with your strand include Biology, Nursing, Engineering,and Data Science. Meanwhile,  HUMSS students usually pursue  Sociology, Journalism, Law, and Education.

If you choose ABM, you’ll learn about the language of business, which can lead to degree programs like Business Administration, Marketing, and even Entrepreneurship. Lastly, if you feel like learning from every strand or you’re still unsure of your dream job, GA is the way to go. 


2. Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track

The Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track can give you job-ready skills as you graduate high school. This track offers practical knowledge and skill certifications  to help students land their desired job after SHS. 

Like the Academic Track, the TVL Track also has strand specializations to offer to its students. There’s  Agri-Fishery Arts for those who want to dive into agricultural and fishing-related professions such as Crop Production and Animal Care.

In Home Economics, you’ll be focusing on livelihood activities such as:

  • Cookery
  • Tailoring
  • Travel Services

Moreover, if Industrial Arts is the path you want to take, expect to brush up on  your technical skills as you learn:

  • Furniture Making
  • Masonry
  • Plumbing

For students who are tech-savvy, you can take the Information and Communications Technology strand as it has specializations in:

  • Computer Programming
  • Animation
  • Technical Drafting
  • Computer Systems Servicing

These strands should help you get started on the vocation of your choosing.  

3. Sports Track

The Sports Track is designed to equip SHS students with sports-related and physical fitness and safety knowledge. That means you’ll get to venture into athletics, fitness, and recreational industries. 

You’ll be able to learn the different factors that affect the social, psychological, and cognitive development in sports leadership and management. Plus, you’ll be able to stay fit and have fun while learning.

Just a few of the many courses you can take after being a Sports Track graduate, we have:

  • Sports Science
  • Physical Education
  • Physical Therapy.

Similarly, future professions that you can pursue in line with this track include becoming fitness trainers, game officials, tournament managers, recreation attendants, masseurs, and even gym instructors. 

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4. Arts and Design Track

For those with a knack for creativity, the Arts and Design Track will lead you towards various art forms.

You’ll also be able to learn about:

  • Creative Industries
  • Media and Visual Arts
  • Leadership and Management in Different Arts Fields 

Take note, however, that some schools that offer this track may require you to take an art or talent assessment to gauge your inclination and aptitude in the arts.

When you pursue higher studies, you can take degree programs such as:

  • Multimedia Arts
  • Music Production
  • Dance
  • Theater Arts 

General Tips for Choosing Your SHS Track

Now that you know all the tracks you can choose from, you can decide which one to go for. We’ve prepared a few tips that can help you narrow down your choices. 

1. Re-examine your interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

Take some time to think about your interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Pursuing a track and strand that you’ll be uninterested in may give you a difficult time with your studies. Plus, if you play to your strengths, you’ll have an ~advantage~ of learning college subjects that are related to your track and strand.

It’s a win-win too if both your interests and strengths align. 

2. Think about the possible careers you want to pursue in the future. 

As said earlier, you don’t have to have your *entire* future planned out yet because you can shift to different tracks and even college courses. But it’s good to have an idea or two on what general line of work you see yourself doing in the future.


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