Shopping Showdown: Online vs Real Life

So what's better, shopping at the mall or online? Read up on all the pros and cons!
by Ingrid Borja   |  Oct 18, 2013
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Shopping is everybody's favorite pastime. These days this well-loved activity can be done just about anywhere, especially with an Internet connection and some form of mobile device.

Shopaholics, we want to know. What's a better shopping experience for you? Doing it online with a click of a button or going around an actual mall and trying on stuff? Read up on all the pros and cons here!

Real life shopping


  • You can fit the items you are eyeing. If this size doesn't fit, then you can just ask for another size. In that case, you'll have the items that fit you perfectly.
  • Variety of styles, designs, and colors to choose from!
  • Of course we all want to get the best quality of the clothes we pay for, and that's the good thing about real life shopping, you'll be able to check the quality of the items you’re meaning to buy. Who wants to have a leather jacket worth a thousand bucks with an extra hole in the armhole? NO ONE.
  • One of the best things about real life shopping is that you can haggle. Though this will only apply if you buy at thrift shops or bazaars.
  • And now the best thing about shopping in an actual store is that satisfaction you get after slipping into a pair of heels you've been eying for weeks now. It's inexplicable, but I know you get what I mean. ;)


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  • One big disadvantage of real life shopping is that you tend to be an impulse buyer. You will get tempted to buy more. It's really hard to say no most especially when the stuff you see around are on sale.
  • It's tiring. Strolling around the mall and going inside every store you see is tiring, very tiring. But hey it's going to be worth it at the end if you find what you're looking fo. Hee!
  • *Mall prices are fixed; therefore you have no chances of haggling, unless you buy in thrift shops.

Online shopping


  • Shopping online saves your time and energy. Visit your favorite online shop, scroll, scroll, pick the items you want to buy, send an order form, go to the nearest bank to pay and voila! You can already have the items you bought in a day or two, right at your doorstep.
  • Also, sometimes if you buy in bulk or in wholesale, online sellers can give you discounts.
  • There are a lot of fab finds too! The stuff you can't see at the mall, you can definitely see it online.
  • Items are way cheaper than the ones you see at the brick-and-mortars.


  • Instead of having the items you bought right away, you still need to wait for the items to be delivered to you.
  • You won't have a chance to check the quality of the items.
  • There are times the posted photos you see on their pages don't look exactly like the items that are given to you. So be careful, and seek for trusted online sellers. Check out 7 of the best stores we surfed online.

So which one do you prefer? Real life shopping, online shopping, or... Both? :)

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