You Should Try This Fun TikTok Trend for Your Next Secret Santa

This fun TikTok challenge can be done by couples, friends, and families.
by Cyril Adavan   |  Dec 8, 2021
Image: INSTAGRAM/kriss.jane1
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While hours of endlessly scrolling on TikTok could be draining, it's also an outlet that could recharge our creative juices. It’s a fun space where clever, funny, relatable, and creative ideas meet. It’s also home to fun challenges over the Internet.  

Take the Rainbow Picnic Challenge as an example. TikTok creator @kriss.jane1 shows us how to do this:


Rainbow picnic challenge???? #fyp? #friendshipgoal #friends

? original sound - Rebecaa???? - kriss.jane1????

This fun TikTok challenge can be done by couples, friends, and families. Each one brings out an item that corresponds to each color of the rainbow and gathers the items in the middle. Speaking of TikTok, we think it could be fun to stitch this challenge during the holiday season!

TikTok's Rainbow Picnic Challenge- Secret Santa Edition

It's December, and we’re still curbing the pandemic. Cheer your family and friends up by switching your usual celebration up. You can keep in mind the traditional Secret Santa mechanics. We’re just tweaking things from the Secret Santa we have been used to doing each year. TikTok is a space for creativity so, why not? 


What we’re keeping:

  1. Wrap it! We’re still holding on to this Secret Santa tradition because of its element of surprise.
  2. Draw names! We still want to personalize our gifts. 

What we’re tweaking: 

  1. While you can still agree on the price range, the important theme here is colors. 
  2. Each one takes home not only one gift, but seven (or more). 
  3. Say goodbye to mugs and picture frames. The crazier and quirkier, the better! Eggplant for purple? 3-in-1 coffee for black? (LOL!) It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. We want you to have fun. We don’t want to focus on how expensive an item is. It’s the experience that matters here.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to wear your mask and practice physical distancing!

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