6 ~Useful~ Tips to Keep in Mind If You Want to Apply for School Scholarships

It doesn't simply boil down to having high grades.
by Renee Isabella Aguila   |  Mar 30, 2023
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If you’re aiming to enroll in your dream school but you’re a bit short on funds, applying for scholarships may help lessen the financial burden that comes with enrolling. Scholarships aim to grant financial support to a student’s education on the basis of academic or non-academic achievements that may vary per the school’s criteria.

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There’s a lot to know about scholarships such as different kinds of financial aid, required documents, fees to pay, and dates to remember. All of these may seem *overwhelming* but we’ve got you covered as we prepared six useful tips for applying for scholarships: 

1. Research what scholarships you can apply for

Before you get to applying for scholarships, you should know that there are different kinds, depending on what a school can offer. Some scholarships can cover up to 100% of the tuition and miscellaneous fees while others can give you discounts. There are also scholarships that would require you to render service in exchange for studying for free. In some schools that specialize in the arts and sports, they may offer specific scholarships for the artistically inclined or those who perform well in certain sports. Be sure to check out each description of a school’s scholarship offerings so you can figure out which one suits you best. 


2. Have a budget for application processing fees

While it’s a no-brainer that you’ll probably apply to several scholarships to ~increase your chances~, you’ll also have to prepare some funds to process your applications. Make sure you consult with your parents or have some extra money to spare so that you won’t have any problems with submissions. Be sure to also take into account the funds you’ll be needing for requesting documents since they can be a bit costly as well.  

3. Start your applications early

You may think that you can cram your scholarship applications, but these kinds of things need time. Take into consideration the time you have to spend waiting for requested documents and even asking for recommendation letters. Be sure to start your applications ~early~ so that you won’t have to rush in passing your applications. That way you’ll not stress over getting your documents ready for your application. 

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4. Highlight the activities that may increase your scholarship credentials

Do you have a position in an organization? Or you’ve joined a leadership seminar? Activities like these are total ~*brownie points*~ when you apply for scholarships because it shows scholarship committees that you’re a well-rounded student and active in your community. Take note that some scholarship application forms have separate sections that will ask you to list your extra-curricular activities and awards you’ve earned so don’t miss that!

5. Find people who can give you a strong recommendation

A recommendation letter testifies that you’re beyond your grades and test scores. It even showcases that you’ve been an ~impactful~ student among your school’s professors and administrators. When looking for someone who can give you a strong recommendation, find professors who know you well enough. They should know your personality as a student and perhaps your background as to why you’re applying for a scholarship. This is will make it easier for your chosen people to write your recommendation.


6. Make yourself stand out

Remember that you’re not the only one applying for the scholarship. You’ll be competing against other students so make sure you ~*stand out*~ to the scholarship committee. Instead of writing cliches on why you deserve to win that scholarship, show your personality and what you can contribute to your chosen school if you get accepted. It’s better if you display your ~uniqueness~ and emphasize your honesty in scholarship essays such as sharing your experiences in leadership positions and telling stories of your achievements that seem small but are totally big for you. 

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