School Munchies

The Candy eds remember the snacks they loved to eat when they were still in high school.
  |  Jun 14, 2011
photo courtesy of ABC Family (Pretty Little Liars)
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How about you? What is your favorite high school snack?

mimi.jpg I loved snacking on V-Cut Potato Chips. —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg I loved munching on chocolate crunchies and choco mallows! :) —Angel, Associate Features Editor
marla.jpg Iced Gems! They made me teeth hurt (they still do, actually), but who could resist all that colorful cuteness? —Marla, Associate Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg I was obsessed with Nagaraya! I always bought a pack to eat on the way home from school. —Macy, Web Managing Editor
roch.jpg Our school canteen would sell Cliffhouse buns in the afternoon. Students would always rush to the canteen after class to get one cause they sell like hotcakes. That's how good it is! I hope they still sell it there though. :) —Roch, Web Staff Writer
dyan.jpg French fries were my ultimate comfort food in high school. But because fries are so sinful, I tried to limit the number of packs I ate in a week. I suggest sharing the calories with your friends! —Dyan, Web Staff Writer

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