Santa Baby

  |  Dec 23, 2008
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The Candy editors don't always get what they want. What did you ask from Santa that you never got?

miac.jpg This will sound weird but I think Santa gave me everything I asked for. My parents were really sweet about that tradition :) My best Christmas memory is when "Santa" gave me the bike I asked for :) —Mia, Editor in Chief
steph.jpg Maybe a Barbie dollhouse when I was little. :) —Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg A boyfriend. Hahaha! Seriously though, I’ve never asked for anything I didn’t get. I mean if Santa didn’t give it to me for Christmas, I’d find another way to get it for myself! :) —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg A baby brother! —Angel, Assistant Features Editor
marla.jpg I think I asked for a red wheelbarrow once. Obviously, it was too big for Santa to carry on his sleigh, so I got a cooking set instead. And yes, I was a strange kid. :P —Marla, Assistant Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg I actually don't remember asking Santa for anything. I always asked my Mommy and Daddy for presents—they usually gave me what I asked for. d: —Macy, Web Deputy Managing Editor

A shitszu puppy! Santa didn't give it to me because I was allergic to anything too hairy. :( —Roch, Staff Writer

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