This IG-Worthy Samgyupsal Spot in Laguna Will Make You Feel Like You're in a K-Drama

by Leana Vibal for   |  Jan 6, 2023
Image: TUMU
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When we think about Korean barbeque or samgyupsal places, they're really more utilitarian than anything. By that we mean, you've got the optimized seating, unlimited meats, grills, and vent systems strewn all about—basically, you're there to eat and nothing else. Heck, don't even think about taking any photos for your social media pages 'cause they're either going to be unflattering thanks to all the smoke or, at the very least, it's not going to be pretty because these types of places aren't known for their aesthetics. That being said, if you want pics for the 'Gram, you might as well just head on down to a cafe where you'll have a better chance of getting nicer photos.

But if you're like us and are constantly looking for the best of both worlds a.k.a. spots that serve good food while lookin' hella fine, you might want to give this food haunt we spotted a try. Enter TUMU, a.k.a The Unlimited Meat Up in Southwoods, Laguna. It's got your favorite Korean grilled eats, fried chicken, and a bunch of banchan ready for you to gorge on, but it's also got a dose of eye candy for those looking to up their IG-feed game.

Check out this Samgyupsal and K-food haunt that's perfect for the 'Gram:

With set meals starting at P399, this newly opened K-food joint in Laguna is perfect for sating those Korean eats cravings, especially after binging on the latest K-dramas, or, you know, just for some QT with your friends and loved ones. 


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But aside from serving the usual Korean fare, i.e., grilled meats, Korean fried chicken, steamed egg, and many others, this spot is special because it looks hella nice in photos, something rather unusual for your usual samgyup place. From light and breezy tropical accents, minimalist Scandinavian chairs,  and cute floor seating, this joint has got the aesthetics down pat. We mean, come on, just look at these photos yourself and tell us this doesn't look like it's straight from a K-Drama cafe.

TUMU exterior long shot


TUMU al fresco

TUMU floor seating

TUMU interiors

TUMU tables

We don't know if it's the food or the eye candy, but we're definitely feeling the craving for some good ol' K-BBQ. BRB as we reserve our tables.

TUMU is at  2/F, Unit 13 Rui Da Building,  Ecocentrum Avenue, Southwoods, Biñan Laguna. They are open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 1 p.m. to 4 a.m. For more information, visit TUMU's Facebook page.


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