Use the sem break to recharge and get ready for the semester ahead.
by Athena Cartagena   |  Oct 19, 2012
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  1. Take a cue from Sleeping Beauty... and catch up on some Zzzs.
    This should be a no-brainer after five months of having late nights with your school books. Although it's tempting to stay up until in the wee hours of the morning just because there's no 7:30 am class the following day, make sure to get some quality shut eye so you can finally get rid of those eye bags.
  2. Bring healthy back.
    Keeping a perfectly healthy and active lifestyle is quite challenging once you've been bombarded with all the activities and workload that school brings (it's an admirable feat if you manage to do that!). Use the sembreak as a chance to bring your body to its top condition. Avoid a diet that revolves around junk food and don't settle on being a couch potato! Just move, be active, and have fun.
  3. Take a breather from the city life.
    Whether you're going to have a road trip with your closest friends or a family trip to your hometown or province, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and having a change of scenery will help you to mentally unwind. Traveling with the ones you love is also one of the best ways to make happy memories!
  4. Have an R&R date with your best girls.
    De-stress in the way only girls know. Go to a spa or a salon with your mom, sister, or best gal pals (or maybe all of them!) and get facials, manicures, and pedicures. Maybe you could grab some fro-yo or cupcakes afterwards. Just bask in the girly vibes and enjoy each other's company!
  5. Get a makeover.
    Makeovers, no matter how small or major they are, can always make you feel good. Get subtle bangs or a bold, short, haircut. Try a new lip color or maybe you could even sport a new hair color as well! Face the upcoming semester with a fresh look.
  6. Vamp up your threads.
    The first step is take some time to inspect your closet and check if you have clothes that need some repairing, like ones with unravelling hems and loose buttons. While you're at it note if you have some items you can give away (which merits you more closet space!). Also, look for the clothes into which that you could put a little bit of DIY magic. The next step is, of course, shopping ! Update your wardrobe with this season's new accessories and key pieces.
  7. Do some spring cleaning.
    Sembreak is also the perfect time to declutter. Throw out all the useless materials that's been hogging all the space on your desk ,such as used scratch paper, tattered folders, and empty pens. Then, organize your desk and drawers in best way possible.
  8. Shop for school supplies.
    There's something about new school supplies that makes us productive and motivated so go ahead get pretty and functional stationery that you'll love using for the next semester.
  9. Don't let go of the positive vibes.
    As you welcome the 2nd semester with your new look, outfit, and school tools, don't forget to maintain the happy disposition you had during sembreak. It'll help you become motivated to accomplish your goals and keep your fresh outlook for the new start.

What are your tricks to getting a fresh start after a vacation? Spill in the comment box below!

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