8 Things Only Students From All-Girls Schools Can Relate To

by Leika Golez   |  Nov 18, 2022
Image: Pexels Art: Ines Munoz
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People typically have a lot of misconceptions about students who attend all-girls schools. I would know—I attended the same all-girls school for more than a decade before I headed to university for my college degree. We’re often perceived as proper, demure, and sosyalin girls because of our school's traditionalism and exclusivity. In reality, though, there’s so much more to us than these old clichés, and there are certain things that only we can understand. 

Curious about those quirks? Below, read about eight things only students from all-girls schools can relate to: 

1. In an all-girls school, no one is shy to ask for a napkin out loud. My fourth-year high school class even had a communal stash of menstrual products that we could share on red days. 

2. Speaking of menstruation, students also look out for each other when it comes to period leaks. At least once a day, a classmate is bound to ask you, “Meron ba?” or “Halata ‘yung tagos?” And if the answer is yes, another classmate will save the day and lend her a jacket to tie around her waist. 


3. Contrary to popular belief, students from all-girls schools aren’t actually that maarte. Case in point: We have no problem with changing clothes in front of each other after PE classes, as long as we can lock the classroom’s door! 

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4. In case you haven’t noticed, we also like going to the bathroom together. Don’t ask us why—it just feels natural! 

5. IIRC, nearly all my classmates in high school have violated the dress code in one way or another. We’re already total pros at hiding them from our teachers, whether it’s throwing on a sweater over a crop top or pulling up newly dyed hair into a bun. 

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6. Since we’re wearing our uniforms five days a week, it’s only natural to forget how to dress casually for the ~outside world.~ There would always be some sense of excitement and panic whenever we’re asked to come in civilian attire for special campus events, and we’d usually ask each other for styling advice a few days before the occasion. Cue the endless “Ano suot mo?” questions. 

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7. Soirées are also a pretty big thing. It’s one of the only chances we have to meet a prom date, guy BFF, or even a prospective boyfriend without getting reprimanded by our parents. 

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8. Expect an Oscar-worthy production on someone’s birthday. When the birthday celebrant returns to the classroom from recess, she’s guaranteed to see sweets, flowers, and a cartolina with handwritten birthday messages on her desk. If the class is feeling extra, they’ll even turn off the lights and hide under their seats before she enters! 

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