Rejection 101

The editors of Candy give you tips on how to turn a guy down nicely.
  |  Jun 28, 2011
photos courtesy of The CW (Gossip Girl)
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What do you think is the best way to turn down a guy?

angel.jpg I think it’s best to be polite but direct. If you’re not interested, tell him straight out. Otherwise, he will cling to false hope and keep bugging you! —Angel, Associate Features Editor
I don't know if there's really a way to do it without hurting them, but it's always better to be honest than lead them on. I guess you could focus on positive reasons for turning them down versus negative ones... Like saying you think the two of you could be really awesome friends :) —Sam, Associate Fashion Editor
macy.jpg I honestly think there's no "best way" to turn a guy down. I think the only way to do it is to get straight to the point. If you want to be friends with the guy, it’s okay to say so. But if you have no plans of entertaining him in any way, don’t keep his hopes up! —Macy, Web Managing Editor
roch.jpg Don't beat around the bush and tell him straight to the point. The more you'll be blunt, the quicker for them to get over it. —Roch, Web Staff Writer
dyan.jpg As much as possible, tell him in person. There's also this technique called the compliment sandwich. You start off with something positive, follow it up with a negative and finish with another positive. I haven't tried it but I have a friend who did and it worked for her. Well, as far as she knows! —Dyan, Web Staff Writer

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