Feeling Super Stressed? Here Are 4 Rage Rooms You Can Visit to *Smash* Things

by Mariel Roja   |  May 3, 2023
Image: (left to right) Facebook/The Rage Room, Facebook/rageroomqc
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There are days when we just want to vent out all of the pressure and stress that we have to deal with on a daily basis, because sometimes, life is simply *not* on our side. While there are a ton of ways you can relieve your stress like watching movies or petting your fur babies, there might be some days when even those aren’t enough. Enter: Rage rooms. Breaking things in front of you may not magically erase your pain, but it will definitely unload all the repressed emotions you have been holding inside. Here are four rage rooms that you can visit for a unique release!

1. Break Room Philippines

The Breakout Philippines Team, known in the country for creating dream and nightmare escape rooms, branched out to offer a space for people to let go of any negative emotions by introducing the Break Room Philippines. The room is all yours to hit the provided breakables with bats, golf clubs, and sledgehammers in full protective gear. The most exciting part is that you can bring anything you want to break, such as a sentimental item you don't want to see anymore. Choose from their affordable packages of the Quick Release (P199), Stress Management (P350), and Anger Therapy (P499).


Address: Ground Floor, Paragon Plaza, 130 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong City

2. Rage Room QC

The Rage Room QC takes pride as a way to “release expectations and emotions you’ve been keeping inside.” They offer three packages namely the Woke Up & Chose Violence (P299), Peace Was Never an Option (P399), and the Life is Short Smash Shit (P499). You don’t have to worry about getting hurt because they also provide protective gear and implement strict safety precautions. Destressing has never been this thrilling so give this a shot!

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Address: 233-F Sta. Catalina Street, La Loma, Quezon City

3. The Rage Room

Do you want to smash things and then have a good cup of coffee right after? Up next on this list is the first ever rage room with a coffee shop! If you are close to your breaking point, you will be glad to know that The Rage Room’s rate starts at just P120. On the other hand, their coffee will only set you back P100 to P150. Grab the chance to let out your life frustrations by smashing the stress away while knowing that a comforting coffee awaits you.


Address: 103-24 President's Ave, Parañaque City

4. Superslam Rage Room

This rage room views their business as "smash therapy." It is true that hard feelings should not be bottled up because they will explode one day. In the Superslam Rage Room, you are free to scream and break things because it is a safe space for vulnerability. We get so caught up in so many things in our fast-paced world that we lose sight of our own sanity. This activity can be a game changer for you especially with their packages ranging from only P150 to P490.


Address: 2nd floor, Reds Commercial Bldg. Telabastagan, San Fernando, Pampanga

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