This Quiz Will Determine What Kind of Fangirl You Are

Take this quiz to find out!
by Mira Blancada   |  Jan 19, 2017
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Fangirling is not just a hobby, but a passion you're going to have for a lifetime, because once you enter the fandom, you can never (or will not want to) get out. A fangirl is not an ordinary girl, so better be careful when you mention her favorite TV show, movie, character, idol, or band because when she starts talking and letting her feels out, there's no stopping this girl. It's either you will love her fangirl side or not. We all know this to be true, but did you know that there are many types of fangirls? If you don't know which kind you are yet, take this quiz to find out!

1. What do you do when they posts a photo on Instagram?

I spazz about how cute my idol is in the photo, tag my friends, and convince them to follow him or her.


I will heart, repost, screenshot, and save it in my idol's designated folder in my laptop for future use. 

If the photo is with someone I ship them with, I will set it as my desktop background, wallpaper, and lockscreen. 

As the saying goes, every photo has a million stories to tell. Time to write a fanfic! 

I will screenshot it but will not heart it immediately. I'll wait for 20 minutes or so before I heart it.

4. When there's a new movie coming out and they're part of it, how do you react?

I get so excited because this is a new movie that my friends and I can watch together! I'm sure the fandom will grow larger because of this! The more, the merrier!

Read all of the articles about the movie; retweet and favorite every tweet from the movie's socials; save every clip, poster, and stills; spazz with my online and real life friends; and save money for upcoming merchandise and CDs!

I wish that their love interest in the movie is someone I ship them with.  

Exchange some guesses about the movie's concept with my followers. Stills are about to come out? Photoshop and Illustrator, here I come! 

I will save enough money to watch the movie and buy merchandise that I will put in my room, and fangirl on the inside on how good their acting are!

2. Do you have a lot of friends in your fandom? 

Mostly my friends whom I've converted into the fandom.

Yes, most of them are online friends because I'm online in my spazz account 24/7! 

If you ship my ships, we're instantly friends! 

I do talk with a lot of people in the fandom, but I'm not close with most of them.

Not really. I can fangirl on my own. 

3. How many times in a day do you stalk your idols? 

Not a lot! Let's say, once or twice a day. Thrice when I'm with my friends!

Every hour, every minute, every second!  

Not that much. I only stalk if there's an update about my ship! 

Four times a day! I need to stalk to have an inspiration for my fanfics and manips! 

If I'm bored and alone, which is most of the time, I stalk them. 

5. They are nominated in an awards show category, how do you support them? 

Vote and force my friends to do the same! We'll also schedule a voting spree day! 

Make a ton of fake accounts to vote, convince all of my friends and followers in Facebook and Twitter to do the same, and promote it everyday! 

Vote and promote it everyday on my account! They deserve to win! 

I will make posters to encourage everyone to vote for them and we can use it every voting spree day! 

I will vote and secretly make at least three or four fake accounts for them to win! 


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