Quiz: How Much of a School Supplies Hoarder Are You?

The moment of truth.
by Mara Agner   |  Jan 10, 2017
Image: Bethany Mota | instagram.com/bethanynoelm
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On a scale of one to stop-judging-me, how outrageous are your school supplies hoarding tendencies? If you don't know yet or are just in denial, we hope this quiz can help you sort our your issues. 

1. The perfect planner for you is...

No frills. As long as it helps keep your life organized.

Fits all the requirements you have—good paper, nice layout, perfect design.

Serves its purpose, aesthetically pleasing, and with all the necessary accessories.

2. Your journaling motto is...

Less is more.

Use only what you have.

Excessorizing is life!

3. When you go to a school supply store, you...

Ooh and aah over the notebooks, pens, stickers, and stamps but come to your senses and convince yourself you don't need it.

Stuff everything you want in a shopping basket but only buy what you really need.

YOLO, lose your sense of self, and get everything that catches your fancy.

4. When someone borrows a pen from you, you...

Ask them what color they need.

Hand them your pencil case that's filled to the brim with all sorts of writing materials.

Ask them what they're using it for and recommend the best one you have (i.e. milky pen, glitter pen, brush pen, etc.)

5. For you, the perfect journal spread has...

All the information you need—with a few highlighted sentences here and there.

Different paragraphs written in different colored pens, highlighted parts, a few sticky notes and page tabs.

All of the above plus some stickers, washi tape, tiny illustrations, and a motivational quote. 


6. Your friends call you a...

School supplies addict.

School supplies hoarder.

Walking school supplies store.


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