This Quiz Will Choose What Gift You Should Give Your Dad on Father's Day

by Mara Agner   |  Jun 14, 2017
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It's Father's Day in a few days, and if you're one of the many daughters who still have no clue about what to give him on his special day, here's a quiz to help you decide (or at least get ideas from). You're welcome. 

1. When you're traveling, he always...

Has trivia about a place you're visiting. 

Knows where to go for the best grub.

Makes sure everyone's dressed accordingly.

2. You bond with him by...

Talking about the things that fascinate the both of you, like movies, books, and video games.

Eating out and trying new restaurants and dishes.


3. The reason why it's always a challenge buying gifts for him is...

The things he likes are either expensive or hard to find.

He either has them already or is already saving up for it.

He's the kind who has to be there when you pick a gift to make sure he likes it.

4. Online, the posts he always tags you in are mostly...

Geekery—from newly-released toys, documentary trailers, and more.

Cooking videos, bizarre dishes, outrageous milkshakes, and the like.

Discounts and sale announcements of your fave stores.

5. If money or time were no object, your dad would probably...

Build a museum of his collection—movies, toys, and all sorts of merch.

Cook the best-tasting meals every single day—breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Have all the latest releases of shoes and his outfits would always be on point.


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