The Pros and Cons of Reusable Cotton Pads + Where to Buy in the PH

Curious about this eco-friendly option?
by The Candy Staff   |  Jan 4, 2021
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Staying committed to your skincare routine has been made more possible now that you're just at home. Aside from making your skincare routine a priority in 2021, why not step it up further by trying out a more sustainable skincare regimen?

One option to try is to switch from single-use cotton pads to reusable ones. Reusable cotton pads have been around for quite some time now, but a lot of people still feel reluctant to make the switch. If you've been curious about this eco-friendly option, these might help you decide on whether or not to start using them:

Pros of reusable cotton pads:

You get to save up

Reusable cotton pads may be more expensive when you first buy them compared to regular cotton pads, but in the long run, you get to save up money because you consume less by using the same ones repeatedly. A lot of local shops sell reusable cotton rounds for around P150 per pack. 


Less waste

Although you won't get to use them forever and will need replacing some time soon, the amount of times you can reuse these eco-friendly counterparts is so much more than single-use cotton pads. This means that you're producing less waste compared to when you use cotton pads that are only for one-time use. The materials they're made from are usually organic, too. Most are made using cotton or bamboo fiber. 

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Easy access

You won't ever run out of cotton rounds anymore because you can just rewash the reusable ones every time you have to use them. Additionally, the fibers won't easily disperse or fall apart compared to regular cotton rounds, which is a common frustration skincare enthusiasts feel whenever the cotton rounds or pads get saturated with skincare products.

Cons of reusable cotton pads:

Might not be too friendly for those with sensitive skin

Some reusable cotton pads might be made from materials that are okay when used by most people, but are not too friendly on sensitive skin. You still have to be more selective when it comes to the materials used to make the reusable pads if you feel like your skin wouldn't react positively to it.


Needs extra care

Reusable cotton pads need extra care if you want them to last longer. Keeping them clean is relatively easy, though. You can handwash them in the sink after every use to keep the makeup from heavily staining the pads. Additionally, the shops you buy them from would also provide their own care tips depending on the materials they used to make their eco-friendly cotton pads. 

Where to buy reusable cotton pads in the Philippines

If you're ready to make the switch from regular cotton pads to reusable and eco-friendly ones, these local shops have sustainable options for you:



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