Productive Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Manage School Stress

Use it to get ready for exams!
Productive Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Manage School Stress

Schoolwork can be overwhelming when you have so many things to do, like finishing your thesis, studying for long tests, and meeting all your project deadlines. So, you end up coping with stress by scrolling through your phone. FYI, while your phone can distract you from getting things done, it can actually help you survive finals week if it’s as productive as the Huawei Y6s. Here are ways this phone can be your study buddy:

1. Go paperless with your readings.

No need to carry those bulky handouts when you can download them on your phone. Huawei Y6s has 3 RAM and 64GB ROM storage capacities to hold those important school readings. You can easily access them while you’re on the go. If you're the type to take photos of your notes in class, you won't have to worry about filling up your phone's memories with pictures of the blackboard. Plus, you get to do your part in saving the environment because you’re using less paper for school.

2. Study with ease.

With its 6.09-inch dewdrop display, your phone lets you browse through long readings more conveniently. No need to squint when you review for your upcoming exams! If you learn better by watching lectures, you'll have no prob streaming a few lessons from YouTube, or even recording and playing back your favorite prof's lecture. BTW, the screen also blocks out harmful blue light to help prevent eye strain.

3. Play your favorite music while reviewing.

It’s said that playing music in the background makes it easier to memorize certain things. Your brain can associate a song with a specific chapter in your readings. Also, having an upbeat playlist will keep you awake if you’re pulling an all-nighter. Music also helps boost your mood so you become more receptive to all the information you need to recall for tomorrow’s test. Listen to your tunes with Huawei’s Histen 5.0 audio technology and its built-in FM display. It'll be like your favorite band is right there in the room with you! Plus, if you record lectures, you won't have to strain your ears trying to figure out what your prof is saying. You'll get that A—easy-peasy!

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