PSA: Private Schools Are No Longer Required to Attend Face-to-Face Classes Every Day

Meanwhile, in-person classes will still be mandatory for public schools.
by Leika Golez   |  Oct 19, 2022
Image: Deposit Photos, Asian Development Bank Art: Faye Umali
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ICYMI: Last July, the Department of Education previously required public and private schools to hold face-to-face classes by November. 

"Starting November 2, 2022, all public and private schools shall have transitioned to 5 days in-person classes. After the said date, no school shall be allowed to implement purely distance learning or blended learning except for those that are implementing Alternative Delivery Modes as provided for in DO 27, s. 2019,” DepEd Order No. 34 stated. 

Yesterday, however, DepEd announced an amendment in line with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the private sector. Now, daily in-person classes are no longer mandatory for private institutions. 


"DepEd will leave the discussion on the learning modality to be implemented by private education institutions to the schools, the parents/guardians, and the learners,” the amendment said. Still, DepEd encouraged private schools to utilize on-site learning when necessary. 

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"DepEd, however, hopes that parents/guardians of private school learners would not miss the abundance of scientific studies available on the advantages of in-person classes over online learning,” it said. 

As for public schools, face-to-face activities will still be required five times a week starting next month: “Meanwhile, all public schools across the country will be mandated to implement five (5) days of in-person classes starting 02 November 2022.”

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