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"What was the first thing you did after graduation?"
  |  Mar 25, 2008
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The Candy eds share what they did after grad. What about you?

steph.jpg Went on a road trip with my friends! :) —Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg After graduating, I packed my bags and traveled to Europe. I went to see popular sights-such as the Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa-and immersed myself in the culture. I visited lots of old churches and museums, took the London Underground, saw Pope John Paul II (from his window, haha!), rode a Venetian gondola, and even got to watch an actual bull fight! How cool is that? :) The best part about the trip is getting to do everything with my big sister who is one of my fave traveling companions! —Mimi, Managing Editor
margaux.jpg I have always LOVED fashion, so once I graduated from college, I traveled to two of the fashion capitals of the world! I went to Milan and New York all by myself, took a few fashion courses, and learned all that I could about the industry. I was gone for half a year but when I got back, I was ready to start working and was super excited to finally get to apply everything! —Margaux, Fashion Assistant
marla.jpg I applied to be part of the Candy Team barely a week after graduation! Which is perfectly fine by me, because when you're doing something that makes you happy and hanging out every day with girls you love, work doesn't feel like work at all. :) Marla, Assistant Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg I don't recall doing anything major after graduation, but I do remember taking an entire year to do absolutely anything I wanted to (in short, I didn't work right away). I baked like there was no tomorrow, went on lots of trips, and got together with my friends. I'm glad that I did because after that one year hiatus, I've been working nonstop. d: —Macy, Web and Mobile Producer
roch.jpg 2 months after graduation, Me and my mom flew to Europe for a grand vacation. We stayed there for a month and went to one place to another. It was one of the best vacays I've ever had. :D —Roch, Web and Mobile Producer

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