Pop Quiz: Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador takes the ultimate Candy test. How does she fare? You be the judge!
  |  Jun 26, 2011
photos by Pat Dy, interview by Amanda Lago and Jenny Jacaria with Angel Constantino
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Part 1: Complete the sentence.

  1. My favorite subject is Science! “It’s challenging but I learn a lot!”
  2. If I were a teacher, I’d teach P.E. “I love dancing!”
  3. The subject I don’t get is Math. “Hindi niya ako favorite!”
  4. Of all my accomplishments, I am proudest of buying a house for my family. “Dati nakikitira lang kami. Now we can eat in nice restos and have vacations abroad!”
  5. Five years from now I would like to have my own business. “I’d like to have a restaurant or a Banana Peel franchise.”
  6. If I could live another life, I would be a boy! “I’d be a father to my siblings.”
  7. I was once mistaken for Catherine Zeta-Jones. “Haha! I wish! Seriously? Erich Gonzales and Heart Evangelista.”
  8. The best thing I ever got for free was clothes from F&H! “They really spoil me! When I need clothes, I just go there.”
  9. My favorite TV show is Maalaala Mo Kaya. “I also love teleseryes and anything with drama!”

PART II: Complete the equation

  1. My dream guy + good conversation = The perfect date
  2. Dark lipstick + super thick makeup= Beauty no-no!
  3. Maja + Justin Timberlake = Power couple!
  4. Good behavior + hardworking + loves their job = Role model
  5. Gentleman + mabait + loves my family + sweet = My ideal guy

PART III: Enumeration (Maja’s Top Threes!)

Candy covers:

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  1. August 2003: “Wow! I’m going to be a Candy cover girl!”
  2. January-February 2007: “Awww, Candy still loves me!”
  3. June 2008: “Of course, I’m a Candy Girl. I’m so at home here!”

Gifts you’d like to receive:

  1. Love from my loved ones!
  2. A desktop computer (because I’m addicted to the Internet!)
  3. A Canon digital SLR camera

Places you’d like to go for vacation:

  1. Paris
  2. Bali
  3. Amanpulo

Important firsts:

  1. First TV show in 2003 (It Might be You)
  2. First F&H pictorial in 2007
  3. First Hong Kong trip with my family last January 2008

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