Play and Productivity: Globe Virtual Hangouts is the New Passion Portal for Gen Z

Here’s what you need to know about it.
Jan 27, 2022
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Play and Productivity: Globe Virtual Hangouts is the New Passion Portal for Gen Z

Been waiting for the day you can finally go out and hang with your friends again? We feel you. Staying at home for almost two years, however, has allowed most of us to explore new and existing hobbies and interests—from mastering the art of music and cinematography, to keeping up with the latest beauty and fashion trends or taking on side hustles, and even honing those video gaming skills all in a home setting.

But while you've made a lot of progress, perhaps you wonder where you may turn to take your passions from hobbies to future careers?

Enter: Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts, a one-stop passion portal where you can own the future and discover turning those passions into professions. Here is where fun meets functionality and play meets productivity.

A Fresh Face

Picking up from last year’s successful launch, Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts allowed Gen Z-ers to express themselves and share their passions through various events — from virtual campus tours & youth summits, music jamming sessions, K-experiences, and even Esports Celebrity Streams & Learn from A Pro series.

This 2022, Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts comes back with a fresh face, not just a portal for you to meet new friends who share the same interests, but as a catalyst to see that there is so much more to your hobbies and passions than you think.

An interactive platform accessed through allows you to enjoy a 360-degree digital experience of Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts: Your Passion Portal, consisting of five main passion pillars: GoJAM, GoKOREAN, GoESPORTS, and new pillars GoWATCH and GoHUSTLE.

Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts enters 2022 leveled up, with more passion-based experiences and opportunities to learn and earn. All these are fully integrated into this brand new, seamless portal.

Sending You Off

Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts kicks off the new year with the VIRTUAL HANGOUTS PASSION PORTAL PARTY — a star-studded event, where celebrity guests and influencers will be representing each passion pillar to tell you more about how they monetize their passions and hobbies and personally mentor you on how to do the same!

The VIRTUAL HANGOUTS PASSION PORTAL PARTY is set to be held online on the 29th day of January at 4 PM, exclusively on the website and live on the Globe Facebook page, so others can get in on the fun, too!

Here you'll get first-hand experiences of intimate mentoring sessions with celebrities like Kaori Oinuma and Rei Germar, a mini-concert featuring Claudia Barretto, a movie watch party with Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos, and even Yskaela vs. Tristan will be in the house for an epic battle at the GoESPORTS arena. And to think that would be just a taste of what is actually to come.

On top of those awesome activities, attendees can expect exclusive prizes and giveaways during the culminating program— only when you sign up and attend through the VIRTUAL HANGOUTS PASSION PORTAL itself.

The launch will also provide you with physical locations in the form of murals and acrylic standees in your local milk tea shops in areas around the Metro, such as BGC, Alabang, Quezon City, and provincial areas like Clark, Bicol, Bacolod, and Ilo-Ilo for you to visit.

In the on-ground sites, you will get a chance to learn more about the brand’s advocacy and the ins and outs of the portal. You will even be able to sign up for an account right then and there.

Head on over to Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts: Your Passion Portal

Globe has also built your passion portal to house all Virtual Hangouts events. From public events to exclusive learning sessions, this virtual portal will be your Go-To place to realize the value in your passions and effectively turn them into a source of income.

  • For aspiring musicians, GoJAM!
    With GoJAM, you will get a chance to hone your musical talent with the right mentorship and you can even get signed with an actual label.
  • For those who caught K-wave, GoKOREAN!
    Showcase your love for Korean culture and how to translate them into beauty and fashion looks! The best in Korean make-up & fashion will be able to participate in a final runway show.
  • For the video game prodigies, GoESPORTS!
    Besides holding educational efforts to breed Gen Z gamers, Globe will be scouting the Next Globe Prepaid Esports sportscaster. He/she will then be able to take part in actual Globe Esports Tournaments in the future.
  • For the film critics, GoWATCH!
    Get a chance to have specialized training from renowned directors and scriptwriters through a series of film and scriptwriting workshops. You might just get a chance to bring your story to the big screen!
  • For future entrepreneurs, GoHUSTLE!
    Turn those business dreams into reality. This new pillar will facilitate entrepreneurial classes on marketing, branding, e-commerce, and finance to help budding entrepreneurs strengthen their hustle ideas.

It is the platform for you to own the future exactly the way you want to. So whether you are into music, gaming, movies, K-culture, or side hustles, you can bet that you can find the right opportunities to kickstart your career here.

Go This Way

You may have missed out on some of the typical milestones that someone in their teens and early twenties would have IRL (in real life), but this is your sign not to lose hope. Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts will continue to empower you this 2022 in more concrete ways.

This time around, the brand aims to not only encourage you to enjoy the things you love with fellow GenZ-ers but, be the bridge to the money-making opportunities you have always had difficulty finding yourself.

The truth is, there is no perfect formula to success, nor is there a right way to live your life. So go your way— Go this way towards Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts, and unlock your potential to make something great out of your everyday grind!

Be on the lookout for more announcements on Globe’s social media pages and the Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts Portal for upcoming events and activities.

You never have to worry about missing out because the portal will also allow you to relive the ones you couldn’t attend live! Count on Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts to provide infinite learning avenues and leveled-up experiences that will be your ticket to the beginning of your career in the field you love. Register now to get exclusive access to these events and activities, only at

Like Virtual Hangouts, Globe Prepaid also allows you to do things your way by making your own promo with GoCREATE. Choose your promo validity, data for all sites, data for your choice of apps, and have an option to add calls to all networks. Did we mention that all GoCREATE promos come with free AllNet texts too? Since GoCREATE is customizable, you can create the promo that suits whatever your passions may be.

GoCREATE is exclusively available via the new GlobeOne app, which you can download from the App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery.

This article is sponsored by Globe.


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