Period Talk: These GIFs Show How We Really Feel

  |  Dec 19, 2013
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While it’s definitely fun being a girl, there’s still a downside to it. Once every month, we have to deal with our period and this means physical pain, emotional episodes, and lots of uncomfortable moments. These are signs you can’t control and you simply can’t ignore. At some point, you might feel like you’re all alone in this experience, but that’s absolutely not the case. All the somewhat crazy feelings are shared by girls the world over! We found some GIFs that explain how we really feel:



1. The Case of the Cramps

GIF from Tumblr

When cramps kick in, even your usual perky self takes a break. It’s just so taxing to move around and go about your daily routine when you feel a piercing pain in your tummy.

2. Little Miss Moody


GIF from Gifbay

You’re perky one minute and irritable the next. You can’t help it; it’s the hormones taking over! You can only hope everyone else will understand.

3. Food is Your BFF

GIF from

For some reason, a big, fat, greasy burger with large fries and ice cream are the only things that can make you feel better. You deserve them.

4. You want to be left alone

watch now

GIF from Tumblr

Sometimes, you just need some alone time. While everyone’s enjoying a sunny day out, you’d rather be in bed curled up into a little ball.

5. No to dressing up

GIF from

Your clothes can reflect your mood, and when you’re having a bad day (no thanks to PMS), you find it easier to just slip into a pair of sweatpants and an oversized hoodie. That’s comfort right there.



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