PBB's Ejay Falcon and Valerie Weigmann

Get to know these two TV sweethearts a little better.
  |  Nov 5, 2008
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Name: Valerie Weignmann
Nickname: Val
Birthday: November 22, 1989
Hometown: Wiesbaden, Germany
Sneakers or flip-flops? Flip-flops
Shoes or bags? Shoes, but normally both :)
Nokia or iPhone? iPhone
All-time favorite movie? Honey
Last thing I Googled? Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr
Style icon? Lindsay Lohan
Game console of choice? PSP
Morning or evening person? Evening person
Favorite meal/snack? Pizza (Italian Food)
Celeb Crushes: Jude Law and Sam Milby
Last book I read: Prada Addict by Lolita Pille
Last TV show I got hooked on: That's My Doc
Dream leading man: Jude Law or Sam Milby
Moment I knew "I'm a celebrity!": When somebody told me about my fan club, "The Sweeties"

Name: Ejay Falcon
Nickname: E-J
Birthday: November 21, 1989
Hometown: Oriental, Mindoro
Footwear of choice: Converse sneakers
Nokia or iPhone: iPhone
All-time favorite movie: Harry Potter
Style icon: Jericho Rosales
Game console of choice: PSP
Favorite meal or snack: Sandwich
Celeb Crushes: Kristine Hermosa and Sarah Geronimo
Last TV show I got hooked on: Pinoy Dream Academy
Dream leading lady: Sarah Geronimo
Moment I knew "I'm a celebrity!": Marami nang nakakakilala sa akin, maraming nagpapa-picture at nagpapa-autograph!

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