What Should I Prioritize When Choosing a Course: Passion or Practicality?

by Raisa de los Reyes   |  May 5, 2023
Art: Pau Moyano
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Oftentimes, you will set very lavish or outlandish goals for yourself when you are younger. You may get what people refer to as a “pipe dream” or an unattainable plan. While having such pipe dreams is glorified in Western media and culture, it is a whole different case here in the Philippines. Becoming the ultimate movie star or a well-endowed journalist is not as easy as it had been illustrated in How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days and When Harry Met Sally. Certain external factors like lack of opportunities and monetary burdens can affect how you choose your course. 

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To help you out, we list down some considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing a course in college:

  1. Although it can be good to be idealistic, try to be realistic to a certain extent.

Having big dreams is admirable, however, you should  humble yourself enough to stay on the ground and consider other plans with regards to your future. That means  you cannot simply risk your future on the possibility of making it big. Sometimes, compromising your passion can lead to you living a good life despite not living out the initial dream you set for yourself. While your passion drives you, it is being practical that ultimately sustains you IRL. 

  1. Consider the benefits and opportunities your course may present in the future.

Optimism and hope can only get you so far. You must be ready to recognize and accept the advantages and disadvantages of every course you may choose in the future. The following questions may help you make a decision: Will you be able to earn a stable income? Will your wage be adequate to afford the price of living? Will you be able to invest? Will you grow in this career path? 

  1. Fuel your goals with passion but work for practicality.

Don’t be afraid of change and go for every opportunity that presents itself to you. Dreaming of more and wanting more for yourself is not a bad thing. Every goal that you have for yourself is embedded in a passion that you hold. Ultimately, your dreams are fuelled by your passion. However, your passion cannot simply manifest everything good in your life. You must work for your dreams and you need to invest all your efforts and hard work to persevere and fulfill your goals.

  1. Ultimately, your career path can still change.

When your plans don’t work out the way it was supposed to, remember that you are not a failure. Keep in mind that you were brave enough to chase your dreams. Although you have recognized that the path you’re on was not meant for you, it is okay to be sad and disappointed for a while. Take your time in healing from it but eventually, you will learn to accept that the hurdles and burdens led you to the place that you’re destined to be in now. While it may not be the end result that you had expected, your potential did not go to waste.

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