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by Candymag.com   |  Dec 14, 2013
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  1. To The Person Who Left Me Hanging 
    We all have that one person, the person that leaves without reason and forgets to close the door. Here's to them and all the words we couldn't bear to say.
  2. I Will Never Be The Pretty Girl
    There's more to being just a pretty face.
  3. Justin Bieber Performs For The Kids Of Tacloban
    After last night's rumor that Justin was flying in today for a special visit to the Philippines, photos and videos are posted online confirming that he's in Tacloban.
  4. 31 Days of Style: Tricia Gosingtian
    Catch up on Tricia's month-long look posts on the site!
  5. 5 Best Braids
    From Julia Barretto to Kathryn Bernardo to Michelle Vito, there are so many ways to wear braids. Find out which 5 celebrities have the best ones and check out the products you can use to wear awesome plaits as well. 

Check back next week for the top stories you missed. Happy browsing, Candy Girls!

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