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"What websites do you usually visit?"
  |  Nov 6, 2007
photos by Dakila Angeles (Mia and Roch), Ocs Alvarez (Steph and Angel), and Pat Dy
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The Candy eds share what websites they visit. What about you? What are your favorite websites?

miac.jpg I love Pottery Barn Teen, American Eagle, Delia's, Target, and Daily Candy. I get enough kicks just "window shopping" and making wish lists. I also like looking at dog videos on YouTube! Mia, Editor in Chief
steph.jpg Aside from the usual Friendster, Multiply, I visit Pixelgirlpresents.com and Deviantart.com daily. I like the designs of those sites. :) —Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg My top picks would be imdb.com (it's my bible for anything TV or movie related), multiply.com (I always upload pictures so that my brother in Australia can see what I've been up to), candymag.com (I like to read about what you girls think of the mag and our blog posts), and Gossip Girl fan sites (I'm terribly obsessed!). —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg Lately, I've been obsessed with facebook.com! I also regularly check my multiply and friendster accounts. :) Angel, Assistant Features Editor
marla.jpg Aside from the usual Multiply and Livejournal, I love visiting postsecret.blogspot.com, onesentence.org, dooce.com, and sinfest.net. And candymag.com, of course! :) Marla, Assistant Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg My daily must-visits (aside from the obvious, ahem) are LiveJournal, Last.Fm, Multiply, Flickr, Listography, and all the blogs that I love reading. Recently, I have also started visiting fan sites of TV shows I love. —Macy, Web and Mobile Producer
roch.jpg Aside from candymag.com, LiveJournal, and the usual social network websites, I regularly visit The Sartorialist. I just love street fashion. My list also includes eonline.com, justjared.com, and x17online.com for my daily dose of Hollywood gossip. :D —Roch, Web and Mobile Producer

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